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Fortnite 8-Ball vs. Scratch challenge guide: Dance at rainbow rentals

Epic Games is continuing the longest run of Fortnite overtime challenges that we have ever seen before, following up on the end of the main weekly challenges in season one as well as the Winterfest event. This week, players have the 8-Ball vs. Scratch challenges to complete, offering some special rewards in the process.

Fortnite 8-Ball vs. Scratch challenges list

There are a couple more challenges available this week than there were last week in the Remedy vs. Toxin challenges. You can find the full list of the challenges that you can do this week below:

  • Complete nine 8-Ball vs. Scratch challenges
  • Earn three bronze battle medals by getting eliminations in a match
  • Ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside of it in three different matches
  • Dance at rainbow rentals, the beach bus, and lake canoe
  • Swim at two different no swimming signs
  • Deal 75 damage with a harpoon gun to opponents
  • Gain health or shields while in a bush
  • Search for the hidden gnome in between Fancy View, a wooden shack, and a big house
  • Bounce on bouncy objects in three different matches
  • Visit a mountain base camp
  • Travel 100 meters while dancing

Overall, this is one of the most varied lists of challenges that we have seen in a long time. There are a few brand new ones as well, including the latest dancing challenge. Players are tasked with dancing at rainbow rentals, a beach bus, and a lake canoe. Here’s how to do it.

Fortnite rainbow rentals challenge tips

Fortnite Rainbow Rentals

For this challenge, players are tasked with finding three different locations on the island and dancing at them. Before we get into the locations of these landmarks, there are some tips that you should know going into it.

For one, you don’t have to dance at all three locations in the same match but they are all required for completing the challenge. This means that you can take your time and just aim for at least one per match and you can get this done rather quickly.

You should also do this in the Team Rumble mode per usual as it offers respawns, more time to explore, and fewer enemies to worry about. If you really want to get this done quickly, feel free to turn on Party Assist and your teammates can complete it with you.

All dance locations

Fortnite Rainbow Rentals Locations

There are three spots that we need to head to: Rainbow rentals, the beach bus, and a lake canoe. These are very specific spots that are known as landmarks on the island. You can look at our map above for the general location of the required places and find a detailed look below.

Fortnite rainbow rentals location

Fortnite Rainbow Rentals

The first spot that we need to head to is found directly southwest of Holly Hedges. There is a small beach in this area that is also west of Weeping Woods and northwest of Slurpy Swamp.

Rainbow rentals is a row of different colored beach houses. Get close enough to the center house and do whatever dance emote you like to complete the first part of this challenge.

Beach bus location

Fortnite Beach Bus

The next location is the beach bus. This retired battle bus can be found on a small beach just west of Steamy Stacks. There is a small beach here where you will find this old bus. Like before, all you need to do is get close enough to the landmark and then do a little dance emote.

Lake canoe location

Fortnite Lake Canoe

The third and final location that we need to dance at is lake canoe. This isn’t just any canoe either as it is an actual landmark location of a large lake that has a ton of canoes around it. It is located on the eastern side of the map north of Retail Row and southwest of Dirty Docks.

This is a larger area than the other two landmarks so we do recommend heading to the center island of the little lake and doing your dance there. This will ensure that the dance counts for the challenge so you don’t waste your time. Look for the notifications in the top left corner of the screen that you completed it.

Fortnite rainbow rentals dance challenge reward

Like the challenges last week and every other week in chapter 2, season 1, the rewards are all the same for most challenges. You will get 52,000 experience for completing the rainbow rentals challenge and for all of the other basic ones. However, if you do at least nine of them, you will also unlock the new gold style for the 8-Ball skin.

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