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Fortnite season 5 week 10 challenges and how to complete them

Fortnite season 5 week 10 is underway, along with a new set of challenges to complete — hopefully getting you closer to the coveted battle pass level 100. For the most part, this week’s list of challenges is straightforward, especially compared to week 9. Many of the challenges send you to locations that are marked on the map, so you won’t need to spend much time searching for where to go.

Though, there is one challenge that still might cause a few issues. Fortunately, we’ve got the scoop on how to complete all of the trickier quests you might be struggling with. Here, we’ll go through all of week 10’s new challenges and provide tips for completing them — as well as an in-depth guide for one of the harder challenges. These are Fortnite’s season 5 week 10 challenges and how to complete them.

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Season 5, week 10 challenge list

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It’s recommended to at least take a glance at the challenge list so you can make a mental note of them as you play. Since most of them are simple, you should have no problem getting through them in a few matches.

  • Use food consumables (3)
  • Eliminations with common weapons (1)
  • Go for a swim at Lazy Lake (1)
  • Dance near Pleasant Park (1)
  • Deal melee damage (300)
  • Upgrade weapons (3)
  • Eliminate IO guards (5)

Challenges like consuming food, eliminating enemies with common weapons, and dealing melee damage are all things you’d likely do while playing anyway. In terms of upgrading weapons, certain NPCs will give you this option at main hubs, so look out for them as you progress through the match. We like to use the one by Catty Corner. It’ll cost gold bars to use this feature, but by now, you should be well stocked up.

This week, there’s only one tricky challenge, and it requires you to defeat five IO guards.

Fortnite season 5, week 10 challenge guide

Eliminate IO guards

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There are a couple of reasons this challenge is tough. For one, you have to complete the prerequisites beforehand, which require you to eliminate an enemy with a common weapon, deal 300 melee damage, and upgrade three weapons. Once you complete the first three stages, you’ll be able to start stage 4, which requires you to defeat five IO guards. Follow our guide on how to eliminate IO guards for more in-depth steps on how to complete it.

And that’s everything you’ll need to know about Fortnite’s season 5 week 10 challenges. Again, this list is a bit lighter than the previous week’s challenges, due to many of them featuring marked locations on the map. For the challenge that requires you to swim at Lazy Lake, any of the surrounding bodies of water will do — including the two pools on the south side.

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