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Fortnite season 5 week 9 challenges and how to complete them

It’s a new week, meaning Fortnite has a new batch of challenges for you to complete — this time, they’re for season 5, week 9. For this week’s challenges, you’re required to visit several mysterious locations that you might not be aware of, along with the usual quests for dealing damage to opponents in specific situations and more. Of course, we’ve got you covered with all things related to the new challenges.

In this guide, we’ll highlight all of the season 5, week 9 challenges, and we’ll include walkthroughs on the tougher ones. These are Fortnite‘s season 5, week 9 challenges and how to complete them.

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Season 5, week 9 challenge list

We recommend taking a look at the new challenges before starting them so you can plan your route accordingly.

  • Shakedown an IO guard (1)
  • Find a hidden bunker (1)
  • Find the crashed plane’s black box (1)
  • Deal damage while in water (200)
  • Emote at stone statues (1)
  • Ride the Steamy Stacks (1)
  • Deal damage to a Loot Shark (500)
  • Shakedown opponents (5/10/15/20/25)

As usual, many of the challenges are straightforward and self-explanatory, so we’ll only be covering the tougher ones in depth. During season 5, a lot of the challenges come in stages and must be completed before being able to pursue others. That remains the same for this week, so keep that in mind. In other words, you can’t jump into the challenge for finding a hidden bunker until you’ve finished the one for shaking down an IO guard.

Below are details on how to complete week 9’s tougher challenges.

Fortnite season 5, week 9 challenge guide

Shakedown an IO guard

The hardest part about this challenge is finding an IO guard. In essence, you need to knock one down and then utilize the shakedown mechanic to get credit. The nice thing is that IO guards spawn in the same spot each game, so you can make a beeline directly for one of them to complete this challenge quickly. Check the link below for more details.

How to shake down an IO guard

Find a hidden bunker

Next up is the challenge for finding a hidden bunker. There are three of them, but the easiest one to go to is located to the east of Retail Row. The guide below will give you more details on its location.

Where to find a hidden bunker

Find the crashed plane’s black box

This is one of the easier challenges for the week, but it does require you to complete the first two before starting it. Land at the location and interact with the black box to complete the challenge. The link below provides more details.

Where to find the crashed plane’s black box

Emote at stone statues

The final challenge we’ll cover is the one for using an emote at stone statues. These are found at Colossal Coliseum. Check out the link below for more specifics.

How to emote at stone statues

And with that, you should be able to tackle the rest without much assistance. The other challenges for shaking down opponents or dealing damage to loot sharks are fairly straightforward. We highly recommend going for all of this week’s challenges since they’re relatively easy and grant lots of XP.

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