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Fortnite season 5 week 8 challenges and how to complete them

Fortnite season 5, week 8 is underway, and with it comes a new set of challenges. This week, you’ll be working on farm-related challenges that are relatively simple — but you have to know where to go. Thankfully, Epic Games has fixed the challenge progression bug that was happening last week, so you’ll be good to start knocking them out this week.

In this guide, we’ll highlight all of the challenges this week, along with walkthroughs on how to complete some of the tougher ones. Here are Fortnite’s season 5, week 8 challenges.

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Season 5, week 8 challenge list

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Let’s take a quick look at the challenges for season 5, week 8 before jumping into the guides.

  • Destroy apple and tomato produce boxes at The Orchard Farmers Market (3)
  • Drive a car through the corn field at Steel Farm (1)
  • Deliver a truck to Sunflower’s Farm (1)
  • Pistol Damage (250)
  • Collect Gold Bars (500)
  • Blow up a gas pump (1)
  • Distance traveled Gliding (3,500)

We’ll only be covering the top three since the rest are self-explanatory. The nice thing is that all of the challenges that we’ll be covering in depth can be completed consecutively and are all part of the same batch. In previous weeks, there would be multiple batches of quests that tend to get confusing since you need to complete prerequisites to get to the next — but this week is much more linear.

Below, we’ll detail three of the tougher challenges for this week.

Fortnite season 5, week 8 challenge guide

Destroy apple and tomato produce boxes at The Orchard Farmers Market

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The first challenge simply requires you to destroy three apple or tomato produce boxes at The Orchard Farmers Market. The hardest part is locating the tomato boxes and the Farmers Market, itself, so check out the guide below for their locations.

How to destroy apple and tomato produce boxes at The Orchard Farmers Market

Drive a car through the corn field at Steel Farm

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Next up, you’re required to drive a vehicle through the corn field at Steel Farm. Once again, the most difficult task is to know where this area is located. It can also be tricky finding a nearby vehicle, but the guide below has everything you’ll need to know.

How to drive a car through the corn field at Steel Farm

Deliver a truck to Sunflower’s Farm

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Finally, the toughest challenge of the group requires you to drive a truck through Sunflower’s Farm. The reason this one is tricky is because you have to use a truck, and they can be somewhat hard to find. The link below will show you how to complete it.

How to deliver a truck to Sunflower’s Farm

The rest of this week’s challenges are ones that you can simply get while playing naturally, like collecting gold bars, accumulating pistol damage, and covering distance while gliding. Even if you’re new to Fortnite, you can easily get through the rest of the quests with a squad of players.

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