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Fortnite challenge guide: Serve Fishstick and his date a fancy dinner at any restaurant

Fortnite season 5, week 11 is underway, along with a new set of Valentine’s Day-themed challenges. This week, you’ll be running around the map, collecting items for various NPCs in hopes of getting them a Valentine’s date. The second challenge you’ll likely go for is the one for serving Fishstick and his date a fancy dinner at any restaurant. In order to complete this challenge, you’ll need to first finish stage one of this set, which requires you to catch three different kinds of fish.

Once you do, back out to the main menu and you can begin stage two for serving Fishstick a fancy dinner. Because of how these challenges are worded, they can be tricky to understand, but we’ll walk you through finishing all of them. Here’s how to serve Fishstick and his date a fancy dinner at any restaurant in Fortnite.

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How to serve Fishstick and his date a fancy dinner at any restaurant

After you’ve completed stage one, you can visit the challenge hub from the main menu to reveal the locations for stage two. In referencing the image above, you’ll see there are four possible locations for completing this challenge. Any one of them will work, but we recommend visiting the one in Craggy Cliffs, as it’s the least busy of the four. Though, how busy a location is will depend on the path of the Battle Bus at the beginning.

We also advise you to attempt this in Team Rumble, since you can respawn if you die. You can go for this challenge in Battle Royale, as well, but it’s a bit harder since you only have one life. Either way, boot up a game mode you’re comfortable with and head to one of the locations on the map above. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll walk you through the location at Craggy Cliffs.

All you have to do is interact with a fancy diner table in one of the four locations by pressing Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or Y on Nintendo Switch. Remember, you only need to visit one of the locations on the map, so choose the spot that’s farthest out of the way to avoid other players. If someone else lands near you, try to prioritize grabbing a weapon so you can eliminate them. Otherwise, they might get to you first.

We didn’t test to see if only one dinner table is available per location, but if someone beats you to it and it disappears, you’ll have to try another spot or attempt it in a separate match. That’s why we recommend coordinating with a team, so they can watch your back as you make a beeline for the dinner table. After you’ve interacted with it, you’ll earn 20,000 XP.

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