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Fortnite season 5 week 14 challenges and how to complete them

It’s time for another set of Fortnite challenges, this time for season 5, week 14. In general, this week’s challenge list is relatively straightforward, with few that will cause you any issues. You’ll need to do a lot of driving to and from certain locations, damage opponents under certain parameters, and collect various items. The nice thing about this week’s list is that many of the quests offer 40K XP instead of the usual 20K, giving you a bit more incentive to complete them.

In this guide, we’ll highlight each and every one of the new week 14 challenges, and we’ll walk you through completing some of the trickier ones. Here are Fortnite’s season 5, week 14 challenges and how to complete them.

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Season 5, week 14 challenge list

Before diving in to start the quests for this week, you should be aware of what they are. Below is the list of all season 5, week 14 challenges:

  • Collect Cookbooks from Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs (4)
  • Harvest fruits and vegetables (8)
  • Earn bars to hire a character (150)
  • Visit different restaurant kitchens (2)
  • Drive a vehicle from Sweaty Sands to Pleasant Park (1)
  • Drop off a vehicle at the gas station in Lazy Lake or Catty Corner (1)
  • Drive a vehicle from Pleasant Park to Lazy Lake (1)
  • Damage opponents at greater than 50 meters away (1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000)

As you can see, most can be completed without a guide. It’s worth mentioning that you’ll need to complete a handful of them before attempting others. For instance, before visiting different restaurant kitchens, you have to complete the first three challenges for collecting cookbooks, harvesting fruits and vegetables, and earning bars to hire a character.

Below, we’ll go through the trickier challenges for this week.

Season 5, week 14 challenge guide

Collect cookbooks from Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs

In total, there are 10 cookbooks scattered around Craggy Cliffs and Pleasant Park. For this challenge, you only need to collect four, and you can mix and match which location you visit. Click the link below for more details on the cookbooks’ locations.

Where to collect cookbooks from Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs

Visit different restaurant kitchens

The other tough challenge requires you to visit two restaurant kitchens across the map. There are four restaurants total, and you can visit them across multiple matches. The link below will take you to a specific guide with all their locations.

Where to visit different restaurant kitchens

Aside from that, the rest of this week’s challenges shouldn’t give you much trouble since many of them are marked on the map. Compared to other weeks, this set is way more straightforward. After you complete all the challenges, you should have a hefty chunk of XP earned, making it well worth the trouble.

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