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Fortnite challenge guide: Destroy Slurp Barrels

The latest set of Fortnite challenges is live, and for season 5, week 7, you’ll likely have an easy time getting through most of them. One quest might pose a bit of a challenge, though, and it requires you to destroy 10 Slurp Barrels. Of course, they aren’t marked on your map, so you’ll have to know where to find them.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best spot for destroying Slurp Barrels and give you some info about a possible challenge progression bug that you might encounter. Here’s how to destroy Slurp Barrels in Fortnite.

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Where to find Slurp Barrels

In order to complete this challenge, you must destroy 10 Slurp Barrels, which grant you health and shields upon breaking them. They are found around the map, but the most efficient way to find them is to visit Slurpy Swamp. If you head inside the main factory, you’ll find them scattered all over the place, so be sure to explore these areas thoroughly. In many cases, you’ll find more than one Slurp Barrel in a specific spot, meaning you can complete this challenge fairly quickly.

The safest area that includes Slurp Barrels is to the west of Slurpy Swamp, within a group of houses. The factory itself will likely be quite busy, so you’re better off visiting the houses to the west, where you’re less likely to run into other players. There are four main houses here, which contain multiple Slurp Barrels and gear, so loot up, and as you visit each house, make sure you slash the barrels with your harvesting tool.

Challenge progression bug

We're investigating an issue with Quest progression and will provide an update as we have more info.

— Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) January 14, 2021

During Fortnite season 5, week 7, it seems there’s a progression bug that is preventing players from completing challenges. In summary, you gain credit for the challenge in-game, but when you back out to the main menu to view your quests, it still might show that you haven’t completed it. Since certain challenges must be completed before others — like in the case for destroying 10 Slurp Barrels — you might not actually be able to start them until the bug gets patched.

In order to begin the challenge for destroying 10 Slurp Barrels, you must first complete the challenge for visiting three houses at Slurpy Swamp in one game. However, you might find that you can’t quite complete it yet, due to the bug. Epic Games put out a statement via Twitter acknowledging the bug and noting that it will be working on it. So, if you can’t start this challenge just yet, do not be alarmed.

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