Fortnite season 6, week 5 challenges: Radar Signs

Jump in a sweet ride and powerslide for the 'Fortnite' radar signs challenge

The Fortnite season six, week five challenges have arrived in Battle Royale, marking over a month since the release of this spooky season. In addition to the special Fortnitemares Halloween Limited Time Event, there are still the normal weekly challenges to complete. Majority of this week’s challenges are returns of classic ones like the flaming hoops challenge but there is a brand new one.

The brand new challenge is the Fortnite radar signs challenge. This challenge tasks players with showing off their driving skills in a different way. Instead of doing crazy stunt tricks, players will need to put the pedal to the metal and go as fast as possible. With the recent addition of a brand new vehicle, this challenge offers a lot more options for players to check out.

Fortnite radar signs challenge explained

fortnite radar signs season 6 week 5 challenges

Like always, you can check out the week five challenges from the Battle Royale main lobby. There are a total of seven unique challenges, most of which are familiar to veteran players. The Fortnite radar signs challenge, though, is brand new and tasks players with finding five of these racing signs and going as fast as possible in a vehicle.

Before season six, there were only two vehicle options to choose from: the shopping cart and golf cart. Now, we also have the recently released Quadcrasher . This all-terrain vehicle is totally different from its vehicular predecessors in how it handles. Considering that we have to go at least a speed of 27 or more on the radar, you’re going to definitely want this vehicle.

Also, this Fortnite radar signs challenge is a free one so that means that any Battle Royale player can complete it without a need for a season six Battle Pass. As such, expect a ton of people to be taking it on this week. Because of this, your best bet is to complete the challenge in the Playgrounds mode by yourself or with a group of friends.

Yes, the Fortnite radar signs challenge is actually doable in Playgrounds without having to worry about enemies or even zombies. This eliminates the threats and gives you an hour to complete all five, which is plenty of time. Given that the golf cart and Quadcrasher both allow you to have teammates ride along, you can even complete this challenge for more than one person at the same time.

Where to find vehicles

fortnite radar signs season 6 week 5 challenges

Before we can even get to completing this challenge, we need a vehicle first. There are a number of places that you can visit but the best spots are Lazy Links, Tilted Towers, and the race track in the desert near Paradise Palms. Unfortunately, these spots are pretty popular which is why it’s even more important that you complete this in Playgrounds.

You aren’t going to want a shopping cart as it will make it really hard to complete this challenge. Instead, you’re going to want either the golf cart or Quadcrasher. As for the locations that you can visit, there are actually more than five signs on the Battle Royale map. However, we are going to give you the five that we recommend because of difficulty level and proximity to one another.

Fortnite radar signs location: Tilted Towers

fortnite radar signs season 6 week 5 challenges

Let’s begin this challenge by heading to Tilted Towers. This is a good spot to grab a Quadcrasher or golf cart so find one in the city. From there, leave the city using the western road. Follow the road north and you will come upon the first sign just before the gas station. Each of these signs is located on a road so they’re fairly easy to find.

Now, to actually complete the Fortnite radar signs challenge, you will need to go at least 27 miles per hour. Unfortunately, the golf cart caps out at 26 for its max speed. The Quadcrasher is much easier to use as it has a boost that builds over time. Simply build up the boost and then use it as you pass through the sign. If you are only able to find a golf cart, though, you can still do this.

Doing it with a golf cart will take a little bit more finesse. The powerslide feature lets you speed up your golf cart but it does take some skilled handling to make it through the sign. Thankfully, your timing doesn’t have to be perfect as the window for it to count is pretty generous. Use your turbo or powerslide and you’ll be good to go on this first radar sign.

Fortnite radar signs location: Lazy Links

fortnite radar signs season 6 week 5 challenges

From here, follow the map northeast towards Lazy Links. In fact, you can even stay on the same road as the Tilted Towers location and keep going north. It’s the same road that contains the second radar sign. This one is located on the road just to the west of Lazy Links. The sign is facing east so you’ll want to approach it as if you’re coming from Lazy Links.

Again, use the turbo boost of the Quadcrasher vehicle or the tricky powerslide of the far more common golf cart. Either one will successfully nail this second objective and set you on your way. From here, we are going to continue heading east towards the third radar sign.

Fortnite radar signs location: Tomato Temple

fortnite radar signs season 6 week 5 challenges

For this third radar sign, head southeast from Lazy Links towards Tomato Temple. This next radar sign is located on the road that leads south out of Tomato Temple and through the tunnel. The sign is on the south side of the tunnel and mountain. The sign is facing south so you are going to want to start south of it.

Take your vehicle and face north towards the sign. When you’re ready, give yourself a nice headstart and once again, turbo boost or powerslide your way through this radar sign. Note that the road is blocked on one side by a fence so your room for power sliding is a little bit more constrained. Once you’re done, get ready to head far southwest to Salty Springs.

Fortnite radar signs location: Salty Springs

fortnite radar signs season 6 week 5 challenges

For this fourth part of the challenge, head southwest near the bottom of the map to Salty Springs. The next radar sign is located on the road heading west out of Salty Springs. Follow this road south and the sign is found right next to the hill by the road. This sign is also confined like the last one by a fence on one side and the hill on the other.

As such, we recommend you go ahead and destroy (run over) the fence so you have one less boundary stopping you. When you’re ready, turn around and face north on the road towards the sign. Use your turbo boost and powerslide your way through this sign. With that one done, we only have one final radar sign left to complete before we are done with this challenge.

Fortnite radar signs location: Flush Factory

fortnite radar signs season 6 week 5 challenges

For this fifth and final Fortnite radar sign, head from Salty Springs to near Flush Factory. We are going to continue southwest to the bottom of the Battle Royale map. You can continue on the same road as before towards the south and cross the bridge. From there, it’s just a little more southwest. This sign is found right next to the warehouses to the north of Flush Factory.

The sign is facing south towards the factory so you are going to want to turn around and face north on the road. When you are ready to finally finish this challenge, get in your Quadcrasher or golf cart. Use your turbo boost or powerslide and power through this final radar sign. With a speed faster than 27 miles per hour, you will complete this challenge in its entirety.

Fortnite radar signs challenge reward

fortnite radar signs season 6 week 5 challenges

Now that you’ve finished this Fortnite radar signs challenge, you are ready to receive your hard earned reward. When you are ready to leave the Playgrounds match, exit out to the main lobby. You will receive a total of five Battle Stars for completing all five radar signs. This is a great reward for this challenge as it guarantees at least half of a Battle Pass tier, if not a full rank up.


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