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‘Fortnite’ update 6.01 offers new Playground options and a chilly surprise

Earlier this week, we reported on a rumored “freeze trap” item being added to Fortnite in an update, and Epic Games has wasted no time in confirming it. The “Chiller” is a brand-new way to mess with your enemies, but it also comes with a handy escape feature.

Introduced in Fortnite version 6.01, the Chiller can be used as a great tool for keeping enemies from getting a clear shot, as their feet will be frozen and they’ll slide as if they’re on ice when it’s activated. If a teammate uses it intentionally, it could even lead to a quick escape, as the speed at which you slide is far too quick for most players to aim and fire.

There’s no missing the Chiller if you put it out in the open. The trap is enormous, with a snowflake design that quickly lets other players know what it is. But if you’re like the player in the above video, you can sneakily place it at an angle that makes it invisible to others until they touch it. From a high enough building, you might even get a few kills this way.

The Chiller is a common trap that you can find in supply drops, vending machines, treasure chests, and more, and it can go on floors, walls, or ceilings. We’re not sure why you’d want it on the ceiling, but you do you.

The update also adds additional customization options for the Playground mode in battle royale. You can now change game-specific settings like the starting health for players or even the level of gravity, if you see fit.

A few other quality-of-life improvements also arrived with the update. The pets just introduced a few days ago will now disappear whenever the camera gets close to your character, allowing you to see more clearly. Switch players should also find the motion controls to be more accurate.

Fortnite is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Cross-play is supported across all platforms, and you’ll soon be able to merge accounts to combine your earnings and skins, as well.

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