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Where to find Gwen in Fortnite

Marvel has long been one of Fortnite‘s most dominant crossover properties, and that trend continues with the current Spider-Verse theme that sees Miles Morales and friends show up in the game for some web-slinging fun. While grabbing a Miles Morales skin from the item shop is certain to make you feel like the superhero already, Week 11’s set of challenges brings some extra fun to be had with some rebranded web-shooters and an appearance from none other than Spider-Gwen herself. If you’re looking to complete the challenge for finding and speaking to Gwen, look no further – we’ll tell you where to meet up with this popular character.

Where to find Gwen in Fortnite

Gwen is located in Slappy Shores on the far east side of the chapter 4, season 2 map. While her precise location varies a little bit, she’ll typically be found wandering around the interior or roof of a house in the northern part of this point of interest.

Gwen location on Fortnite map

While you’ll want to visit Gwen to complete the Week 11 challenge, you’ll also want to be sure you check out what she has to sell, too. Most notably, you can spend 600 gold bars to purchase one of the new Spider-Verse web-shooters if you want to swing around the map for a bit. If you’re visiting her at the beginning of the game and need a quick way to get full shields, you can also spend 250 gold bars for a Shield Keg. Lastly, like many NPCs, she’ll typically drop some type of healing item just for speaking with her, so don’t forget to pick that up if you need it.

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