Are you good enough at Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to win this fancy armor?

good enough call duty advanced warfare win fancy armor

Sledgehammer Games has a nifty reward for the top 100 ranked online players of its recently released Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareGrand Master Character Gear, a set of ostentatious, golden armor, as the developer shared on Twitter.

The Grand Master set is decked out with golden filigree, fleur de lis patterns, and jewels, making the player look like a steampunk fantasy of French nobility. The fortunate few soldiers that score this outfit get to greet all comers with an unspoken statement: I’m here, I’m very good at Call of Duty, and I share Donald Trump’s taste for elaborate gold as the only true signifier of wealth and power.

No word yet on when the Grand Master sets will be awarded, so start working on that ranking ASAP if you long for Sledgehammer’s Midas touch.