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GTA Online’s Heists are live and here’s how to get started

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GTA Online‘s cooperative heists are finally upon us, added in a free update that is now available on all platforms, according to Rockstar Games. The update adds five heists, each of which can be completed any number of times, along with new Adversary modes, Freemode activities, and Daily Objectives. Here are some basic pointers for a successful heist, culled from a recent Rockstar post.

Every heist starts with a leader. In order to run one of these, you need to be at least rank 12 and own a high-end apartment. After meeting the basic requirements, heist master Lester contacts you about setting up a special room for planning jobs. The leader is responsible for paying the substantial up-front costs required for each heist, but also has complete control over who joins, what roles they play, and what their final cut of the spoils is. Heist progress is only saved for the leader, so make sure it’s someone you trust.

Each part of the multi-phase heists requires players to fill different roles, which vary from heist to heist. Sometimes there might need to be two lookouts and a getaway driver while someone meets with a shady contact. Later on, two players may need to cover the ground from an attack chopper while a ground team infiltrates a facility. Roles have wildly different requirements, so it’s absolutely key that the leader choose the right person for each job and make clear their responsibilities. Headsets are almost essential for coordinating everyone as the mission unfolds (if just so you can dramatically say “I’m in.”)

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You have to rely on your own arsenal of weapons and vehicles to complete a given job, so be sure you have or can afford the right tools for the job before committing to a gig. That could entail everything from silencers on your guns for stealthy infiltrations or four-door armored vehicles if you expect an explosive chase. New vehicles and gear are available as rewards unlocked for completing heists, to help you do them even better.

Heists involve major rewards for the complex requirements to complete them. There are a number of special bonuses that you can aim for to make those rewards even greater. Each of these completion bonuses can be completed only once per player:

  • First Time: The first time you complete each heist’s finale nets you a bonus reward over the usual payout.
  • All in Order: Complete all five heists and their setups in order to earn a bonus $1 million.
  • Loyalty: Complete all heists and setups with the same team for another bonus $1 million.
  • Criminal Mastermind: Complete all heists in order, with the same team, and without losing any lives for a massive $10 million bonus.

Progress on each award can be checked in game under the Stats > Awards menu.

The new Adversary Modes included in the update are unlocked by completing heists, adding new ways to compete with your fellow players in horrific, human hunts, for instance. We detailed three of these here.

Anticipation for GTA Online‘s co-op heists has built to a fever pitch over the last year of delays. Do they live up to the hype? Let us know in the comments as you dive in!

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