Harmonix is working on a virtual reality music player for Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

As exciting as Samsung’s Gear VR is for being the first consumer-ready virtual reality product, it’s also unproven. We just don’t know yet what to expect in terms of content, outside of the limited lineup that was revealed alongside the tech itself. Rock Band creator Harmonix brings some additional clarity to potential Gear VR applications with the revelation that it’s working on a platform-specific music player called Harmonix Music VR.

Details are sketchy at this point. Harmonix Music VR is described as “a fully immersive, music-driven dreamscape allowing you to experience your tunes like never before.” The app uses Harmonix’s proprietary software to read your music and create a reactive virtual landscape around it. From the sound of things, it’s a music visualizer adapted for virtual reality. Expect it to be huge in Colorado, where smoking marijuana is now 100-percent legal.

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“Harmonix has always been interested in creating fundamentally new ways for people to interact with music,” studio CEO Steve Janiak said in a statement. “There’s an incredible amount of potential for this with virtual reality, and ‘Harmonix Music VR’ is just one way we can deliver on these types of innovative experiences. We can’t wait to hear what people think about this new way to experience the music they love.”

The Harmonix Music VR app will be available with the Gear VR at launch, later in 2014.