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How to make glass in Minecraft

As you continue to develop your creations in Minecraft, you’ll eventually want to start implementing glass to spruce things up. Glass can make your structure look much more complete, so we recommend keeping some on hand. But, much like most materials in Minecraft, you likely won’t stumble upon any in the world. You’ll need to craft it, instead. In this guide, we’ll run through everything you need to know about crafting glass in Minecraft — from which materials you’ll need, to finding them in the world, and the various uses of glass.

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The materials

The materials you’ll need to make glass are relatively easy to come by, and you might even have them in your inventory already. To make glass in Minecraft, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Sand
  • Any fuel (wood or charcoal)

Fuel comes in many forms, but the easiest way to get some is to simply chop down trees. Chopping trees will give you logs, which can be combined with sand to make glass. In order to craft glass, you’ll need to smelt it at a furnace. Remember, you can create a furnace by combining eight cobblestones at a crafting station (leave the middle square blank to create it).

One sand block plus one fuel will net you one glass block.

Where to find the materials

Glass is one of the easier resources to make due to how plentiful its ingredients are. You’ll likely stumble upon sand as you explore the world. As a reminder, you’ll need some sort of tool to dig it up effectively, like a shovel or hoe. Sand is usually found by water.

As for the fuel, the easiest way to obtain it is to chop down trees. You’ll likely have some sort of fuel on you even if you’re an inexperienced player. It’s typically one of the first things you’ll get when you start out. Again, having a tool such as an ax will make your life easier when chopping.

Other uses for glass

Glass is one of the main ingredients in many useful materials in Minecraft. You can do so much with it, from making bottles and window panes to creating beautiful stained glass. One of the more basic creations are panes, which are made by combining six glass blocks at a crafting table. Make sure you fill the top two rows while leaving the bottom row blank. Use the image above for reference. Adding a pane is essential to making a window, and doing so will give your creation much more detail.

You can also combine eight glass blocks with dye to stain it and give it some color. There are numerous dyes you can use, both on glass blocks or on panes. When staining blocks at a crafting table, make sure you use eight glass blocks, with the middle square blank — that’s where you’ll place the dye. You might have some dye on you if you’re a frequent player, but otherwise, you’ll need to craft it.

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