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How to play Diablo 4 with friends

how to play diablo 4 with friends party

When you're going up against Lilith and her demonic army in Diablo 4, even a warrior as powerful as yourself could use a hand. While playing with friends has been possible in the series for some time now, it is much more fleshed out in the latest entry. This is an always-online game, meaning you will come across other players naturally as you play, and you have the option to partner up with them. While that's great, you will likely want to play with your friends first and foremost. Here's how you can form your ideal party of champions with friends in Diablo 4.




20 minutes

What You Need

  • Complete the prologue

  • Two controllers and two Battlenet and PSN/Xbox profiles (for couch co-op)

How to play with friends in Diablo 4

There's only one requirement you need to meet before you can start forming your party in Diablo 4.

Step 1: Begin the game, create your character, and complete the shorty prologue.

Step 2: Once you reach Kyovashad, return to the main menu.

Step 3: Go to the Social Tab.

Step 4: Select Add a Friend.

Step 5: Enter any and all of your friend's BattleTag IDs and send them a friend request (assuming you aren't already friends with them).

Step 6: Once all requests have been accepted, Open your Friends List and select one of your friends.

Step 7: Choose Invite to Party.

Step 8: Once they accept, you will see them appear in your party and you can either invite additional friends -- up to four total -- or begin the game.

How to play couch co-op

If you're playing any of the console versions of Diablo 4, you have the option to bring in one other player for a couch co-op session.

Step 1: After both characters have at least completed the prologue, have one player sign in as normal.

Step 2: Turn on your second controller and select Press to Join.

Step 3: Have player 2 log in with their associated account.

Step 4: Start the game!

Diablo 4 is available on all major consoles, as well as PC, and thankfully has full cross-platform support. This means that you can play cooperatively with friends on any other system.

If you're concerned that you, or your friends, are too high level or low level, fear not. Diablo 4 scales dynamically to all players to keep things fair. Even if your friend is 10 or 20 levels higher than you, enemies you fight will take and deal scaled damage based on your level so that you aren't underpowered or overpowered, no matter who you play with.

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