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How to respec in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 tells an intriguing story that is overflowing with incredible set-piece moments and lovable characters, but the meat and potatoes of any good action RPG is its combat. Luckily, the newest entry in Square-Enix’s long-running franchise packs quite a versatile and flashy set of abilities to use while fighting main character Clive’s many foes, giving you the opportunity to fine-tune your combat style and ensure you’re prepared for anything the game throws at you. However, it’s perfectly normal to want to change things up sometimes – be it for fun or strategy – meaning you’ll want to make use of Final Fantasy XVI‘s respect option to reset all of your ability points. We’ll fill you in on how to do so below.

How to respec in Final Fantasy 16

Whether you’re wanting to respec to make yourself a bit more viable against a specific enemy or simply curious about some new abilities, respeccing in Final Fantasy XVI is a breeze. While on the Abilities tab in the menu, simply hold down the touchpad to bring up a prompt that will inform you of how many ability points will be refunded so that you know what you’ll have available to spend afterward. Select Yes on this prompt and you’ll be free to begin reassigning all of your points again. If you’d prefer, you can simply reset a single ability by placing your cursor on it and holding down the Square button.

Skill screen in Final Fantast XVI

The best thing about respeccing in Final Fantasy 16 is that it doesn’t cost you anything, meaning that you can redistribute your ability points at any time with no consequences for doing so. This gives you a chance to experiment with a lot of different playstyles and figure out what works best for you, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this option whenever you’d like.

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