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How to unlock The Title SMG in Destiny 2

There are few forces more powerful than the gravitational pull a new gun exerts on the Guardians of Destiny 2. So, it comes at no surprise that the arrival of a legendary new SMG called The Title, equipped with a one-of-a-kind perk, has sent players into a frenzy. You won’t want to miss your chance to grab this unique weapon. Here is how to unlock The Title in Destiny 2.




30 minutes

What You Need

  • Complete the Best in Class quest

The SMG called The Title is shown in closeup in Destiny 2.

Why is The Title such a good SMG?

The Title is an interesting new addition to the weapon Pool in Destiny 2. It’s a Void Energy SMG with a high rate of fire, and a one-of-a-kind perk called Classy Contender. This perk is activated by final blows, and regenerates a portion of your class ability energy, the fuel that enables Hunters to disappear with dodges, Warlocks to drop healing aura, and Titans to form barricades. These are powerful abilities that Guardians will build entire loadouts around, and being able to reuse them with great frequency can have major ramifications in both PVE and PVP. Add a second, randomized perk slot, and The Title can be an outstanding weapon in skilled hands.

Eva Levante greets the player in Destiny 2 and assigns the Best in Class quest.

How to unlock The Title

In order to earn The Title you must engage with The Guardian Games, the annual contest that pits Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans against one another to see who can earn and redeem the most medals, primarily earned by completing special bounties.

Start by visiting Eva Levante in The Tower. She’s hard to miss, standing front and center when you load into the central area. Speak to her, and she will give you the Best in Class quest, with a series of objectives intended to introduce you to the key components of the Guardian Games. She’ll give you a snazzy class item to wear and ask you to purchase one of her Contender Cards.

Next, you need to collect 10 laurels and some medallions. These are incredibly easy to collect. Head into any strike. Any enemy you kill with a class ability or any boss enemy will drop medallions, provided you are wearing your Guardian Games-themed class item. Medallions will accrue as you complete activities, and clearing one strike will be plenty for this step. Once you have your laurels and medallion, return to Eva Levante in the Tower. She will reward your amazingly minor efforts with the Medallion Case, an item that appears in your quest inventory to hold a limited number of Laurels and Medals. Walk to the white structure behind Eva and find a button corresponding to your class of guardian to turn in your medals, then return to Eva and speak to her once again.

The guardian approaches the podium top bank medals in Destiny 2.

Now, visit Zavala at his usual haunt near the edge of the tower. He will give you a new quest called Medallion Battalion, and unlock the Guardian Games: Recreational playlist. Launch that playlist from the tower map, and complete whatever activity it puts you into. Talk to Zavala again to let him know of your success, and he will assign you another new mission, and unlock the Guardian Games: Training playlist.

Finally, you can return to Eva and complete the Best in Class quest. She will give you her thanks and, more importantly, The Title as a token of appreciation. If you aren’t in love with the version of The Title she gives you, you can farm the gun by continuing to collect and turn in Medallions. Higher-tier Medallions like Gold and Platinum have an increased chance to award The Title when turned in. Each new drop of the gun will have a randomized second perk, so there is sure to be a version that matches your playstyle.

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