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Is Dauntless cross-platform?

Dauntless was built from the ground up to challenge Monster Hunter: World, and it succeeded in doing so. Only a few days after launch, developer Phoenix Labs had trouble keeping up with the demand. The Switch version, which released shortly after the other consoles, only furthered the demand, with the game passing 15 million players before the end of its launch year.

Part of the reason why is that Dauntless is free — and one of the best free-to-play games, at that — but more importantly, it supports crossplay and cross-save. From enabling crossplay to linking your accounts, here’s everything you need to know about Dauntless cross-platform support.

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Is Dauntless cross-platform?

Yes, Dauntless supports cross-platform play across PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Epic enables crossplay by default, so as long as your Epic account is synced with your copy of Dauntless, you can play with players on other platforms. If you want to double-check, head into the settings before booting into Ramsgate (on the title screen). Under the Gameplay tab, you should find a Cross-Save toggle.

You won’t find it across systems, though. We tested it on every platform, with version on consoles and version on PC. Out of the lot, only PS4 had the Cross-Savetoggle in the settings. Thankfully, there aren’t rampant reports of cheating with Dauntless’ cross-save system, but regardless, there isn’t a way to disable crossplay in the settings if you’re not using a PS4.

There are other differences between systems, too. The Switch and PS4 versions of the game don’t require each platform’s respective subscription service to play online (Nintendo Switch Online and PlayStation Plus). Of course, PC doesn’t require any subscription, either. Xbox One, on the other hand, requires an active Xbox Live membershipThat’s true even if you want to play the game solo.

Does Dauntless support cross-save?

Dauntless supports cross-save and cross-progression like Fortniteall through your Epic Games Account. Right now, it’s limited to the platforms Dauntless is available on — those being PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch — but the mobile versions of the game will support cross-save when they arrive, too. Linking your accounts is a little tricky, though.

When you first load Dauntless on a system you haven’t played it on, it will ask if you want to link an account. If you choose not to and proceed to creating a character, you’re out of luck. Even if you reset your character in the settings, you can’t link an account after this splash screen unless you delete your Dauntless local save data on the platform in question. Instead of linking through your console, it’s best to do it on PC.

Linking a Dauntless account on PC

Head to Epic Games in your browser and click Sign In in the top right corner. Then, follow Account > Connections, and on the next screen, choose the Accounts tab. Here, you can link your accounts on Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and Nintendo Switch Online. Link all of your accounts and boot Dauntless up on your unlinked system. You’ll get the same splash screen asking if you’d like to link an account. Press Activate Account and use the generated code to link your newly created Dauntless account to your Epic account. With the game linked to Epic, it will automatically sync up your various platforms, so long as you’ve linked the accounts in Epic first.

You can create a Dauntless account beforehand if you’d like, but there’s no reason to. Logins are handled through Epic regardless, and it’ll automatically create a Dauntless account for you when you first load the game.

All of your progression carries over between versions, including any materials you’ve picked up, your cells, and your Hunt Pass progress. The only thing that doesn’t carry over is any mid-hunt progress. If you quit on one system while on a hunt, you’ll lose your progress in that hunt if you start on a new system. This shouldn’t be a problem in most cases, but it’s worth mentioning.

Platinum, Dauntless’ in-game currency, is where things get tricky. Any Platinum you buy is restricted to the platform you purchased it on, so you can only use Platinum from PSN on your PS4, for example. There’s also a universal pool of Platinum that you can use across systems. Any Platinum you earn from in-game actions — hunts, events, etc. — is added to your universal pool. You can check your Platinum balance across systems by logging in to your account at

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