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Josh Brolin’s reaction to Thanos dancing in ‘Fortnite’ is priceless

Josh Brolin Reacts to Thanos Fortnite Gameplay

Ever since Thanos, the Avengers: Infinity War villain, came to Fortnite by way of the limited-time game mode Infinity Gauntlet, we’ve been wondering if Josh Brolin — the actor who plays him in the film — was excited about it. And, well, it’s obvious Brolin had no involvement in the crossover, nor is he familiar with the Fortnite sensation.

IGN showed him footage of Thanos in Fortnite during an interview about his role in Deadpool 2, and his reactions were quite funny.

As Thanos flew down to the map, Brolin said, “He’s flying, I don’t remember flying. That’s fake. That’s really cool, though.” He then asked what he was watching. Although he was at least somewhat familiar with the name Fortnite, he said he had no clue what people were talking about when they mentioned Fortnite and his character Thanos in the same breath.

The brunt of footage shown to Brolin demonstrated Thanos’ dance moves in the game because of course, what’s funnier than a treacherous villain whimsically dancing? After observing Thanos’ sweet moves, Brolin referred to him as “Michael Thanos Jackson,” and then jokingly said he wasn’t on board with Thanos dancing after killing other players in the game.

What’s interesting is that Thanos does, in fact, have voice lines in Fortnite. It’s not entirely clear where those lines came from, though. They could be ripped from the movie, or the voice may not even be Brolin’s. Additionally, while Brolin seemed to be impressed by Thanos’ moves, he said he didn’t do the motion capture, although he claimed he would’ve liked to.

If you still haven’t nabbed the Infinity Gauntlet in Fortnite, you don’t have much time left. The limited-time mode will leave the game Tuesday, May 15, just a week after it kicked off. Epic Games has made adjustments to the mode during its short life. Most recently, Thanos became more powerful while being easier to kill. To combat Thanos’ ridiculous power, only Rare weapons and higher are available on the map.

If you’re sad about Thanos leaving Fortnite, at least the 50-versus-50 battle royale has returned to Fortnite for a limited time as well.

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