Kratos returns in the prequel, God of War: Ascension

kratos returns in the prequel god of war ascension logoIt really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that played the God of War games that Kratos was destined to return. Besides starring in some of the best-selling and best-received exclusive Sony titles, Kratos is a hard guy to keep down. He pwned Titans, murdered gods, and even seemed to die about a dozen times before fighting his way out of the underworld and murdering everything in his way just ‘cuse, so what could stop him from returning?

The only real question was who would Kratos be abusing in the next iteration of the series after tormenting almost every Greek God into an early grave. He even ripped the heads off of more than a few, which makes for a slightly less compelling narrative to have the one-time God of War face the dreaded corpses of the Greek gods. So it isn’t all that surprising to learn that Kratos’ next outing will likely be a prequel.

Earlier today Sony announced that those (not-so) mysterious images floating around last week were, indeed, for a new PS3 exclusive God of War title, and the angriest protagonist in Sony’s lineup would be returning in God of War: Ascension. The details are still being kept quiet, but the trailer suggestions that the story will take place before Kratos went on his divine killstreak.

The trailer references “a time before Kratos became the monster known as the Ghost of Sparta. A time when something other than rage consumed him. A time when, in spite of the madness that plagued him, Kratos would break his blood oath to an unjust god.”

Whoever that “unjust god is,” weep for that poor, doomed SOB. We’ll find out more about God of War: Ascension on Monday, April 30, when the game’s director, Todd Pappy, hosts a live streaming event on the Facebook page for the game.

{Warning: This trailer may not be suitable for all ages}