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How to permanently upgrade stats in God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla

Despite all falling into the roguelike genre, every game within that category handles progression differently. Some have no permanent upgrades and instead force the player to simply rely on their skills and luck during each run, while others dole out buffs and tools that the player can accumulate over multiple runs to make each one a bit easier.

God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla falls into the latter category thanks to Master Seals. These special rewards allow Kratos to get permanent buffs to his base stats, easing the difficulty a bit for those who need it. Just getting the seals isn’t enough, and not even Mimir will give you a clue on how to spend them, so we’ll help you return Kratos to his godly status.

How to permanently increase stats

A menu showing different objectives in God of War: Ragnarok Valhalla.
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Once you have finished the DLC’s tutorial run, you will begin accumulating Mastery Seals by doing different Objectives and Labors while in a run. These seals will stay with you between runs, so even if you don’t spend them right away, you won’t risk losing them, like you would Fleeting Echoes.

While you’re at The Shore, there are a few big tablets you can interact with, one of which has the classic Omega symbol on top. This is the Tablet of Reflection, which is where you can spend your Mastery Seals. You can spend these seals on either Health, Rage, Strength, Defense, Runic, Vitality, and Cooldown, but once you get further into the game, you also unlock Critical Health Regen, Health Looter, and Starting Resurrection Stone.

They all start out cheap, but every time you want to upgrade the same stat, it will cost more and more Mastery Seals. Choose which stats you value most and invest early to gain an edge in the trials ahead.

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