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Helldivers 2: how to get and use Warbonds and Super Credits

Things have changed a lot between our universe and the one in Helldivers 2 where Super Earth rules the galaxy. Chief among them, aside from the militaristic society you find yourself in, are all the new forms of currency. You may not enjoy making money in real life, but at least in Helldivers 2, you can have a blast running missions with your friends to fill your pockets and start unlocking new cosmetics, weapons, and Boosters.

The two main forms of income you will be dealing with are Warbonds and Super Credits, but you need the former to even get the latter. If you thought you would be wearing these Warbond Medals, take a seat and we’ll show you exactly how to earn and use this currency.

How to get and use Warbond Medals and Super Credits

A mission select galaxy map in Helldivers 2.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

You don’t have to think too hard when trying to get Warbond Medals in Helldivers 2 since they are rewarded for all the missions you take via the Galactic War map. Whenever you are choosing a mission, you can see how many Warbonds you will collect upon completion under the Missions Completed Bonus header. A general rule is that harder missions will give a higher Warbond payout, as will doing any Focused Strategy missions. There are also opportunities to find caches of Warbond Medals during a mission at points of interest on the map.

When you have a nice chunk of Warbonds burning a hole in your pocket, you can start spending them by going to the Acquisition Center between missions. The list of items available is broken up into pages you need to work through in typical battle pass fashion. This is also where you can use Warbonds to buy Super Credits, although in small numbers. In total, once you buy your way through all 10 pages, you can collect a total of 800 Super Credits, but you can also snag an additional 300 if you buy the premium track.

Another free way to earn Super Credits is to pop open your map during missions and attempt to explore all the diamond icons you see. These indicate unique points of interest (POI) that can have loot like weapons, Warbond Medals (as mentioned above), and even Super Credits. You never know if these POIs will simply be a crash site with loot or a base swarming with enemies, so it isn’t without risk to hunt them down. Typically, these caches have around 10 Super Credits if they have them at all. Additionally, you may not have the time or resources to explore during a mission, adding another element to the risk/reward nature of venturing off your critical path.

And lastly, being a premium currency, you can always shell out some of your real-world cash to buy Super Credits if there’s something in the shop you simply must get right away. It costs $2 to get 150 Super Credits if you want to go this route.

Super Credits can only be used in the aptly named Superstore that sells exclusive armor sets that rotate on a regular schedule.

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