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How to get Beautiful Seashells in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Initially armed with his trusty bat from the first game, Ichiban will eventually need to upgrade and craft stronger weaponry to keep up with the gangs and goons populating Hawaii in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Just like in the previous title, a vendor will appear who is more than willing to improve or create gear in exchange for a bit of money and a handful of materials. At first, you won’t have much trouble keeping pace with the game as long as you pick up whatever shiny objects catch your eye as you traipse down the streets. Despite sounding like something you could snag while strolling on the beach, Beautiful Seashells are rather hard to come by naturally. If these attractive shells are what stands between you and a stronger weapon, here’s where you can get some.

Where to get Beautiful Seashells

Buying a rainbow seashell in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Outside of getting lucky and having a few Beautiful Seashells drop during battles, typically with higher-level enemies or bosses, you only have one reliable source for stocking up on them. During the main story, you will be brought to and introduced to the labyrinth, a randomly generated dungeon you can grind for levels, cash, and items to test out how strong your party is in the late game. As you go, you will collect Robo Discs that you can exchange with RoboMichio right outside the entrance. Among his large stock of items are Beautiful Seashells, which he sells for 500 discs each. That’s not the most expensive item he has on offer, but it is a pretty high price, so it may take a run or two to get that many if you’re low-level.

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Mini-games and side activities are by no means new to the Like a Dragon franchise, but Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth almost feels like an entire second game packed inside. Once you're introduced to the titular island and shown the ropes, you never have to interact with it again if you don't want to, but on the other hand, you could sink dozens of hours into doing nothing else. You're tasked with trying to return this once-thriving resort to glory, but there's quite a bit that needs to get done before that dream can become a reality. The key here is to get up to a 5-Star ranking, which may initially seem very daunting. Time to grab your bat, net, and harpoon so we can bring Dondoko Island back to glory with these key tips.
Best Dondoko Island tips and tricks

When you're just getting your feet wet with Dondoko Island, try to focus on the simple things first to get your first star. Start your days clearing out all the trash you can with your bat, collecting basic resources like rocks and wood, and snagging any bugs and shiny objects you happen upon. Following that, do all your daily tasks to start saving up some Dokobucks. The goal in this stage is to increase the satisfaction meter by building DIY objects with the highest satisfaction value, which will also raise your building skill. By clearing the track each day, you will reduce the cost of renovating that area for use down the line. Try to wait until they are A or S rank to save cash.

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Games like Enshrouded may technically be called survival games, but they're just as much about exploring and traveling. In this game especially, the world is treacherous and likely to drain your health on even a simple trek if you're not cautious. Aside from a limited inventory capacity, the other major hindrance at the start of the game is just the act of getting where you want to go. You can make a lot of tools, but a car or even a bike isn't among them. However, you can take to the skies and soar over any potential danger if you make a glider. This will make all future quests far faster to complete, so listen up on how to make one for yourself.
How to craft a glider

The glider is so useful that it would feel cruel if Enshrouded held it back from you for too long. Thankfully, you can get to making one once you've established a base, but not from your standard crafting menu. Once you've built a Workbench, select the Survival tab and scroll down to see the Glider. The most basic one you can make is level 5, which will move you at a speed of 10 for 4 stamina per second. The recipe is:

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The best jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
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Jobs, classes, roles -- whatever you want to call them -- have been a staple in JRPGs like Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth for decades at this point. Where this game changes things up from your normal warriors, mages, and monks is that it comes with jobs like Aquanot, Cabbie, and Housekeeper. They don't sound all that exciting, but each one has a unique set of abilities that can totally change how that character fits into your battle strategy. Even though your ragtag group of heroes aren't exactly qualified to most (or any) jobs, you have access to a massive list to pick from and level up individually. If you're trying to make the best team composition without grinding to level them all to know which is best, we've reviewed every job's résumé to present you the top candidates.
Best jobs
You will be stuck with each character's default job until you make it to Chapter 5 and are taken to the Alo-Happy tour location. Provided you have high enough levels in a particular personality trait, you can pay to go on a tour that results in you learning a new job. Keep in mind that some jobs are locked until later than this in the game, and others can only be used by party members of a specific gender.

Let's start out with a job focusing on damage. The Samurai's stat ratings are clearly designed for damage per seceond, which you need in every party. It has good HP and MP at a 3 rating, but a 5/5 in attack and 4/5 in defense. In terms of utility, you won't be simply limited to sword attacks and skills -- those certainly are there -- but you will access to guns as well. This allows you to hit an extra weakness if needed, as well as get around the job's low agility stat. Give this one to your heavy hitters like Ichiban or Kiryu to really take advantage of it.
Desperado (male only)

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