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How to change mouse controls in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has already seen over 1 million concurrent players on Steam, making it one of the largest releases of 2022. The unique MMO combines tropes commonly seen in the genre — think dungeons, PvP, loot, and a lengthy main quest — but it pulls the camera back for a top-down perspective typically seen in ARPGs. The control scheme is also a bit unusual for a modern MMO, with your mouse handling movement and your keyboard handling skills.




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If you're not a fan of your current setup (or just want to browse other control schemes) here's how to change mouse settings in Lost Ark.

Change Lost Ark mouse controls from the Settings menu

While Lost Ark will immediately let you pick your control settings, after a few hours of playing you might realize the option you chose isn't perfect for your playstyle. Unfortunately, there's no way to get back to that original control setup menu — but you can tweak all the same settings using the in-game menu. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Press the Esc key on your keyboard to open the in-game menu.

Step 2: Select the Setting subsection.

Step 3: Open the Hotkey tab, then navigate to Basic Controls.

Step 4: On the Basic Controls menu, you'll have the option to enable Attack with Right-Click or swap out any of the other key bindings. We'd recommend playing around with this for a few minutes before finalizing your choices.

lost ark change mouse settings
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Step 5: If you have a gaming mouse with additional buttons, you can assign skills to them using the same Hotkey menu.

Step 6: Rather play with a gamepad than mouse and keyboard? The Settings menu also contains a Gamepad submenu that allows you to remap controls to a supported controller.

What are the best control settings in Lost Ark?

Like all games, there's really no "best control settings" for Lost Ark. If you're familiar with ARPGs like Diablo, you'll be right at home controlling movement with the mouse and using the keys for skills. If you're coming from World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls Online, or Final Fantasy XIV, however, there might be a bit of a learning curve.

The only bit of advice we can give is to make sure your control scheme works for you. If your most-used skills are easily accessible and you can navigate the battlefield with ease, then you're doing it right. Expect to go through a few iterations as you optimize your controls (and unlock new skills), but after a couple of days, the unique movement settings should become second nature.

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