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Madden NFL 21’s next-gen upgrade is out now, minus online support for PS5

Madden NFL 21’s next-generation upgrade launched a day early and is available now — with one small hitch. The PlayStation 5 version does not currently feature online play due to a last-minute bug.

The update was originally supposed to launch on December 4, but EA surprise released it earlier this morning. While the Xbox Series X|S version of the game features online play, EA notes that servers are not currently connected in the PlayStation 5 version. The company explained the situation in a blog post.

“The PlayStation 5 version of the game is not yet connected to the servers as we’re doing final testing on a problem for which we’ve submitted a solution,” EA said. “We will provide updates this evening on its deployment as we head into launch, but the game can be played offline in the meantime.”

A fix for the PlayStation 5 bug is expected later today, though EA hasn’t provided a firm time frame for the patch.

Players who own an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 copy of the game can upgrade the game to its next-generation version for free via the Dual Entitlement feature. EA shared a blog post outlining the different ways players can upgrade the game, both from a physical and digital version of the game. All current progress carries over into the next-gen version. Players can take advantage of the free upgrade until Madden NFL 22 releases next summer.

Those looking to grab the game can play it on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate thanks to its integration with EA Play. GameStop currently has the game discounted at $28.

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