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Marvel Snap gets some big quality of life changes in new update

Nuverse released a sizable Marvel Snap update on November 3 that brings numerous quality of life improvements across the board. Most notably, a new Titles feature has been added, along with improvements to the Wolfsbane and Dagger cards, among many other visual and audio changes.

Titles are new items added to the reward pool that are similar to avatars and card backs. These will appear on the Matchmaking screen as you load into a game, offering a bit more customization.

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The latest MARVEL SNAP patch is now live!

What's new in this patch? 👀
🔹New feature — Titles
🔹Art, Visual, & Audio Upgrades
🔹Lots of Bug Fixes!

In-depth patch notes here

— MARVEL SNAP (@MARVELSNAP) November 4, 2022

Both Wolfsbane and Dagger have been updated and will now count unrevealed cards toward their Power buffs, making them slightly more effective. The Daredevil card is now featured as part of Card Series 3, and Nick Fury is included as part of the Random Pool, meaning you can pull it from sources like X-Mansion and Agent 13.

Marvel Snap has also received art, visual, and audio improvements across the board. Nuverse has updated the Foil and Prism Mods to be more clearly visible, and has added general polish to the UI, game board, and buttons. There are also new location sounds for Attilan, Muir Island, Nidavellir, Sewer System, and many others.

Numerous bug fixes have also been implemented, including fixes for avatars not showing up and a major error that caused some purchases to occur twice. Nuverse has also fixed an issue that would cause art to display as the wrong location prior to being revealed (this only occurred on the PC version of Marvel Snap).

The free update is available to download across all versions of Marvel Snap now.

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