Too quiet: Konami sends warning about Metal Gear Solid V bug

metal gear solid quiet bug

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain released last week to nearly universal critical acclaim, with some even calling it the best game in Hideo Kojima’s entire series. However, a few major technical issues have already crept up, with a particularly nasty bug threatening to derail your adventure if you’re not careful.

In a post from the official Konami Twitter account, the publisher warns against using the sniper companion “Quiet” on two specific campaign missions.

Konami further states that the issues is not platform-specific — console and PC owners can finally come together knowing that their games are affected regardless of system, at least until a patch is released.

Quiet is one of several buddies available to aid Big Boss in The Phantom Pain. You begin the game with a horse, particularly useful for covering ground in a hurry, and the dog “DD” becomes available early on, as well. Quiet, however, is a master with a sniper rifle, and having to use another companion could make those missions significantly more difficult.

This isn’t the only issue the game has experienced. On launch day, I made it through the entire prologue only to be greeted with a “data installing” ticker that refused to count down. As Konami suggests, I rectified this by restarting my console. The official Metal Gear account also lists a “continuous loop on a black screen” and server-related issues, as well. If you think the game’s loading screens seem strangely long, switch to the “offline” mode and times will be cut at least in half.

How are you liking Metal Gear Solid V‘s open world stealth, and have you had the chance to try out Quiet’s special abilities in the field? Let us know in the comments!