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The best weapons in Metal: Hellsinger

Metal: Hellsinger only gives you six weapons to blast your way through Hell. Each one comes with a striking design and unique playstyle, but some are simply better suited to combat than others. All six are entirely viable, but it might take a bit more practice (or equipping a particular Sigil) to make them worthy of a slot in your inventory.

Since you can only bring four items from your arsenal into combat — two of which are permanent fixtures — you’ll want to choose the best weapons in Metal: Hellsinger before diving into each mission. Here’s a closer look at all six weapons in Metal: Hellsinger, listed from best to worst.

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The Hounds

The menu screen in Metal: Hellsinger showing stats for The Hounds.

Pistols might be weak in most other games, but not in Metal: Hellsinger. The Hounds are a set of pistols that give you the ability to hit enemies from across the map — a skill that comes in handy when you’re trying to keep your combo alive. Their damage output is a bit lackluster compared to others on this list, but with an Ultimate that creates a clone to fire at anything in range, The Hounds are a capable set of guns that demand to be carried into battle.


A player holding Persephone in Metal: Hellsinger.

Although it’s one of the first weapons you’ll unlock in Metal: Hellsinger, this deadly shotgun will quickly become a staple of your inventory. Not only will Persephone obliterate weak enemies in a single blast, but firing on beat will allow your bullets to hit multiple targets. Combined with its impressive range (for a shotgun) and an Ultimate that deals massive damage and can level Behemoths, it’s clear that Persephone is one of the best weapons in Metal: Hellsinger.


A player holding Hellcrow in Metal: Hellsinger.

As the only “firearm” that doesn’t need to reload, Hellcrow has a leg up on the competition. These demonic boomerangs can be thrown at targets to deal damage — and deal damage again as they fly back to your hands. When used properly, it’s easy to clear a room of demons with just a couple of throws. They fall behind Persephone and The Hounds due to lackluster damage output, firing rate, and range. However, a strong Ultimate that summons a whirlwind to damage nearby enemies makes Hellcrow a solid choice for players who simply don’t want to reload their weapons.


A player holding Vulcan in Metal: Hellsinger.

Vulcan looks like a crossbow, but it’s essentially a grenade launcher. It deals massive damage to anyone who happens to get too close to the explosion, and it’s always fun to clear a room with a single well-placed shot. It can only fire two bullets before needing to reload, and its Ultimate (which creates a gravitational orb that sucks in enemies) is a bit lackluster. Vulcan falls to the bottom half of this list on its own — but there’s a caveat to the rating. If you mix the Vulcan with the Ghost Bullets Sigil, you’ll remove the need to reload when switching weapons. This turns the Vulcan into an absolute beast, allowing you to fire explosives in rapid succession without pausing for a reload.


A player holding Terminus in Metal: Hellsinger.

Terminus is always equipped — so you might as well find a use for it. The sword works great when dealing with enemies who get too close for comfort. It’s also great as a backup in case you don’t have time to reload your weapons before finishing off a demon. Its Ultimate allows Terminus to deal more damage than normal, making it easy to slice through wave after wave of enemies without breaking a sweat.


A player holding Paz in Metal: Hellsinger.

Paz isn’t very helpful in combat, as it deals minimal damage and is rather weak compared to the rest of your arsenal. However, when fired on beat, you can keep your combo going indefinitely. This makes Paz the best weapon to equip at the end of every battle, as you can simply shoot at whatever is in front of you to sustain your combo until meeting your next enemy. Its Ultimate creates a lightning storm to damage and temporarily stun anyone caught in its path. Consider building this up and saving it for a boss fight or to get you out of a sticky situation.

Other considerations

Paz and Terminus are always part of your arsenal, so you’ll be able to choose two other weapons to bring into combat. Beginners will find that Persephone and The Hounds are the best weapons in Metal: Hellsinger to master, as they handle like most standard weapons in every other FPS. However, as you learn the intricacies of Metal: Hellsinger, consider switching up your inventory.

It’s recommended that you always have a close-range and long-range weapon on you, but other than that, you’re free to experiment with different weapon combinations. For example, many high-level players enjoy using The Hounds and Vulcan with the Ghost Bullets Sigil, as it lets them snipe far-away enemies before switching to Vulcan and blowing up large groups of demons — then switching back and repeating the process without having to reload.

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