Mobile RPG Infinity Blade coming to Xbox One (at least in China)

mobile rpg infinity blade coming xbox one least china 16

Chinese developer Tencent Games has announced that it will bring Epic Games’ mobile action role-playing Infinity Blade series to the Xbox One as Infinity Blade Saga (via Gematsu).

The new game compiles areas from all three of the mobile games into one, structured narrative. Infinity Blade’s innovative touch controls have been translated for both Kinect motion controls and the standard gamepad. Tencent says that it has a long-term plan for supporting the game after launch — it’s been an absolute monster on the mobile side in terms of in-app purchasing — which might involve a free-to-play model. A PlayStation 4 version is possible for the future, but Xbox One is currently the developer’s main focus.

Infinity Blade swept iPhones in 2010 as one of the first games to bring AAA-quality graphics to a mobile title. The two subsequent entries in the series have refined the game further, adding in deeper RPG-like customization, more items, and wider exploration to the elegant, swipe-based melee action.

A console release of the compiled series brings it full circle to the serious gamers the series helped usher into the mobile space. There is no word yet on a release date outside of China, where it is expected to launch “before the Lunar New Year.”