A look at all the video games Hollywood hopes to adapt (and hopefully won’t screw up)

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Don’t Bet On Seeing It

For various reasons, these projects have been relegated to development limbo with no sign of getting out any time soon.


Director Gore Verbinski originally saw the BioShock film as an R-rated feature with a $200 million budget. Universal refused. Verbinski then handed over director duties to Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later)¸and remained as a producer, but the budget scared most studios away, and BioShock creator Ken Levine announced that the project was officially canceled earlier this year.


‘BioShock’ creator Ken Levine has confirmed that the film project is dead… at least for now.

Gears Of War

After losing the support of New Line Cinema over budget and director Len Wiseman over scheduling, a fresh script was commissioned by Epic Games and the film’s new producer, Scott Stuber (Ted, Battleship). They’re still shopping the film around to studios – leaving its future very much in doubt after spending this long in the development cycle.


Following Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp’s failed bid to make a live-action Halo, Steven Spielberg was attached in 2009. Instead of a film though, the project has become a live action TV series that will air via the Xbox One, officially supplanting the proposed movie.


Although once considered to be in pre-production, InFamous 2 game producer Brian Fleming said in 2011 that he was “skeptical” the project would ever happen.

Missile Command

20th Century Fox announced in 2011 that it had acquired the rights to make a movie based on Missile Command, with a script by co-writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, (Dracula, Flash Gordon). There haven’t been any updates since that initial announcement.

missile command

A difficult property to adapt at the best of time, the proposed ‘Missile Command’ film seems to be dead.

Rollercoaster Tycoon

David Ronn and Jay Scherick (The Smurfs) have reportedly been penning the script for this live-action/CGI hybrid film for over two years now. Sony Pictures Animation currently owns the rights, but there hasn’t been a word about it in years.

The Sims

A live-action movie based on The Sims was first announced back in May 2007, with Puss In Boots writer Brian Lynch tagged to pen the script for the film. There hasn’t been any official update to the project in several years.

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