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Here are the Russian indictments as read by Metal Gear’s Colonel Campbell

Campbell Reads Indictment

Colonel Roy Campbell is among the most iconic characters in Konami’s Metal Gear series, and the smooth pipes of voice actor Paul Eiding helped make everything he said memorable. The character hasn’t appeared in any Metal Gear Solid games released this generation, but Eiding brought him out of retirement for an odd reason: Reading an indictment from United States special counsel Robert Mueller.

The indictment, which charged 13 Russian nationals with attempting to influence the 2016 presidential election, references a project called the “translator project” under the controller of an organization called “Internet Research Agency.” Subsequent references to the organization refer to it only as “organization,” however, which sounds just like something Hideo Kojima would have come up with for a villainous secret society.

Paired with Eiding, who addresses the indictment directly to Solid Snake at the beginning of the recording, we have the premise for a sixth Metal Gear Solid game.

As several YouTube commenters have pointed out, there are several points during the recording where Snake’s voice actor David Hayter’s incessant questioning would have fit perfectly:

“Organization? Translator project? Psycho Mantis?”

There are other nuggets of gold in the indictment, including a line about “Bystrov” and “Prigozhin” communicating regarding the operations of “Project Lakhta.” Were this an actual Metal Gear game, this likely would have taken under the ice of Antarctica rather than in the United States.

Eiding’s video ends with a “to be continued” line, but it isn’t clear if he is referring to his video series or the growing number of indictments handed down by Mueller. Shortly after the video was published, new charges were filed against former Donald Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. They are accused of laundering $30 million as well as evading taxes. Gates is expected to plead guilty as he moves to cooperate with Mueller’s team on further investigations.

The latest entry in the Metal Gear series, Metal Gear Survive, is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is the first game in the series following the departure of longtime director Kojima, who is now working on the PlayStation 4-exclusive Death Stranding.

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