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How to change the camera angle in NBA 2K22

In NBA 2K22, you’ve got control over how to see the court. Unlike real-world broadcasts where the view is out of your control, you can switch up your camera settings in 2K22 to match your preferences while playing. There are a handful of different camera angles to choose from that work across all game modes, and you can change them mid-game.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to change your camera settings and our favorite angles to play with.

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How to change camera angles in NBA 2K22

Changing the camera angle in NBA 2K22 is very simple. All you need to do is pause your game, select the Camera option from your pause menu, and pick from the available options! You can access this settings menu mid-game, or find your settings menu from the home screen to set your favorite camera angle ahead of time.

From this menu, you can browse through the available camera angles using the bumpers on whichever platform you’re playing on. You can also customize each view by adjusting the height and zoom of the angle, and choosing how the camera moves when possessions change.

There’s no right or wrong camera angle in 2K22 (although some professional players and streamers swear by certain settings), so try out a few and pick whichever feels best for you.

The best camera angles in NBA 2K22

Again, there’s no must-use angle for 2K22 — it’s all about your personal preferences and what works best for you. Below, we’re going to run through some popular options so you can get a quick look at some angles, and pros and cons for each to consider while adjusting your settings.

2K View

2K view is the 2K series’ go-to angle, and for good reason. With this camera angle, you can get a wide view of the court and can see your entire team at once. You also get a better idea of player spacing than some of the other angles. This view is great for fastbreaks, pinpoint passing, and running more complicated plays.


Broadcast view simulates the look you’d get if you were watching an NBA game on TV. The game looks fantastic from this angle, and it’s a great way to play the game if you’re looking for a more immersive experience. In the default broadcast view, you will run into some court-vision issues while running the fastbreak. You never get a full view of the court, so you might be passing blind sometimes if you’re throwing a deep outlet pass.

Broadcast stadium view fixes this issue a bit by giving you a higher angle, but you’re still not getting that full-court look.


Nosebleeds view is a good middle ground between the 2K and Broadcast views. You get a great angle on the action that simulates watching a game in real life, but you get a good view of the court and are never going to be throwing a pass off-screen.

Player Lock

Player Lock view is the only angle used in MyPlayer mode, so it’ll look familiar if you’ve explored NBA 2K22 thoroughly. It’s a really fun way to play if you’re focused on completing challenges for a specific player, but can get a bit chaotic if you’re switching between players constantly on either end of the floor.

In the clip above, this angle looks great when we’re focusing on using Anthony Edwards on defense and in the fastbreak when switching between a couple of characters. But if you’re in the half-court on either end of the floor, there’s a lot of passing, and you’re switching to whichever player is on-ball, it’s a bit of a nightmare watching the camera fly around nonstop.


Just like in real life, the Skybox view gives you the best look at the entire stadium. You can see the entire court, the bench, the fans — a little bit of everything. It’s a solid angle to play with, and you also get to take in all the little details that NBA 2K22 has to offer.


Swivel view keeps the camera at center court and panning to both ends of the floor. This is easily the most dynamic camera angle in NBA 2K22. Turning with the players as play shifts to the other side of the court is really cool and puts you right on the court. It looks beautiful but can take a bit of getting used to as a player. As the camera swivels, you’ve got to get used to adjusting the direction you’re moving as the camera moves. If you can get used to the shift in a couple games, good for you — this is a fun camera angle to play with.

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