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Is NBA 2K22 cross-platform?

NBA 2K22 is the latest installment in the iconic basketball franchise. Every new title in the series comes with new game modes, more realistic tweaks to gameplay, and, of course, the latest NBA stars ready to lead your team to victory.

Is this the year we’ll see cross-platform support for the series? Cross-platform support is becoming more and more common, particularly with first-person shooters that connect more players at a time. With NBA 2K22 being available on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4, fans have their fingers crossed that we’ll finally be able to play against our friends on different platforms soon.

Here’s everything we know about cross-platform support for NBA 2K22.

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Is NBA 2K22 cross-platform?

Joel Embiid in NBA 2K22.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like 2K Games has any intention of making NBA 2K22 a cross-platform title. Here’s the official word from the FAQ section of the game’s website: “There will not be crossplay between different consoles or PC.”

There is cross-progression within console families for MyTeam, as the game is being released on two generations of consoles. If you upgrade to a current-generation console, PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X, you’ll be able to take your well-crafted MyTeam roster and progression with you. That’s great news for players eyeing a console upgrade this fall but a big let-down for anyone interested in real crossplay.

With massive games games like Splitgate, Warzone, Apex Legends, and Fortnite including crossplay, sports fans can’t help to ask, “What gives?” Sure, NBA 2K22 has a pretty oddball marketplace of MyTeam cards, MyPlayers, and constant rating updates to manage, but we should at least be able to play a quick PlayNow game with a buddy. The smack talk can only go so far playing local games where one player is using a foreign controller.

Maybe next year! We’re hoping that that sports sim genre comes around to cross-platform one day.

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