New Call of Duty game to be unveiled during the NBA Playoffs

new call of duty title to be unveiled during the nba playoffs next“I’m a huge fan of the Call of Duty franchise, and yet I had no idea there was a new Call of Duty title coming out later this year!” said no one anywhere.

Activision has been releasing a new Call of Duty title each year since 2006, much to the gratitude of its banks who are happy to receive the billion dollar+ in profits that the series has earned each year for the past few years. So not only is an annual iteration expected, it has become one of the corner stones of Activision’s yearly revenue streams.

The pattern that has emerged has seen Infinity Ward handle the development duties for games released on the odd years, like last year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, while Treyarch takes over the even years. The only real question is what will be the setting of this game?

The even money has been on Treyarch following up its 2010 Cold War offering with Black Ops 2. A few weeks ago there was a leak on the official Activision forums that detailed some of the game, and confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would be Black Ops 2.

Then a funny thing happened on the way towards inevitability, another rumor began to surface that the game would be called Call of Duty: Eclipse.

The source of this is a bit shakier as it comes from a GameStop employee with no official Activision ties. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong though; it also doesn’t necessarily mean that both rumors aren’t true. Treyarch could still release Black Ops 2, and Call of Duty: Eclipse may be the upcoming unannounced PlayStation Vita release. Or Black Ops 2 may be subtitled Eclipse. Or it could be nothing at all.

We will find out on May 1 during the NBA Playoffs on TNT. The Call of Duty website currently features a countdown timer, as well as several other boxes that all say “classified.” Once the countdown timer hits zero, we may get a trailer, and the first official confirmation of this year’s Call of Duty.