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Sony exec: I have played Sucker Punch's new game 'many' times

Longtime PlayStation developers like Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Sony Santa Monica, Quantic Dream, and Guerrilla Games were all present at Sony’s E3 press conference this year, but one studio was surprisingly absent: Sucker Punch. The studio responsible for the Infamous series has been quiet for the last few years, but Sony assured fans that a new project is still on the way.

Speaking to Greg Miller from Kinda Funny on GameSpot’s E3 stage, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said that he had played Sucker Punch’s game “many more times” over the last two years, but that he couldn’t divulge any specific details on what exactly it is.

“It’s a game. They are not making movies,” Yoshida joked.

Sucker Punch’s last major project was Infamous: Second Son, which released in 2014 after being announced alongside the PlayStation 4 the year before. An early showcase of the console’s graphical power, the game shifted the series’ focus from original protagonist Cole MacGrath to newcomer Delsin Rowe. In place of the first two games’ electricity powers are smoke, television, neon, and concrete powers that can be used to traverse the game’s Seattle setting and take out enemies. Second Son was followed a short time later by Infamous: First Light, a prequel spin-off starring supporting character Fetch.

It isn’t clear if Sucker Punch’s next game will also be an Infamous title, but the studio does have another franchise it could revisit. Prior to developing Infamous — and being acquired by Sony — Sucker Punch developed the first three Sly Cooper games. A fourth was developed by a different studio, Sanzaru Games, in 2013, but the series has effectively gone dark since then, with a planned movie descending into development hell.

Sly Cooper television series is in the works, however, and is being produced by Sonic Boom animation studio Technicolor Animation. The show will use a 3D, slightly more realistic art style than what was seen in the games, but it’s unclear if it will feature any of the voice actors from the original games.

Infamous: Second Son and First Light are both available now exclusively on PlayStation 4. First Light was previously available as a free PlayStation Plus game.

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