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Sly Cooper franchise gets new lease on life as a television show

Sly Cooper Movie - Official Teaser Trailer
Sly Cooper hasn’t exactly been Sony’s most popular franchise over the last several years, but the franchise’s cartoony charm in undeniable. While we haven’t heard of work on a new game, Sly and his friends will be making their way to television — but it won’t sport the same art style as the PlayStation titles.

The Sly Cooper television series will be produced by the French Technicolor Animation Productions with the help of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Technicolor was previously responsible for the Sonic Boom television show. The Sonic Boom line of games was reviled by both critics and longtime fans, but the show received a better reception.

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A promotional image released alongside the show’s announcement includes a Sly Cooper with an unusual amount of detail on his fur and sharper features on his face. He’s still instantly recognizable because of his outfit, but he does resemble Rocket Raccoon a little more than the original version of the character.

Several years before the television show’s announcement, a teaser trailer was released for the Sly Cooper animated film. The movie, which was originally planned for a 2016 release, looks more like a Pixar film (check it out above) but it features several of the voice actors from the game — Sly Cooper’s actor, Kevin Miller, though, was not one of them. Following the critical and commercial disaster that was the Ratchet & Clank movie, perhaps it’s best that Sly Cooper stays away from the big screen for now.

If you’re itching to play some Sly Cooper while you wait for the show, consider checking out Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The latest game is available on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, and its wonderful stealth-platforming and charm are something we haven’t seen from another game since. Original developer Sucker Punch has moved onto the InFamous series in recent years, but we’d love to see the team have another go at Sly in the future.

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