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Sony reportedly requiring timed trials for games over $34

According to a new report, Sony is currently informing its developers about a new rule that will require all games over $34 to have a timed trial for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers.

While we previously knew very little about how the way PlayStation Plus Premium trials would work, sources have told Game Developer that any game over the threshold will be required to include a trial that lasts a minimum of two hours. The change is not retroactive, nor does it apply to VR-specific titles, but developers releasing games on PlayStation 5 in the future will now need to allot time and resources to create these trials.

Developers will have up to three months after the launch of a game to bring a timed trial to PlayStation Plus Premium members, and it’s required to be available for at least 12 months. While Sony has expressed a willingness to be flexible and allow custom game demos in place of the trials, the company will approve such options on a case-by-case basis. Developers can also still opt to create demos, trials, and free weekend access periods that can be accessed by all PlayStation Plus subscribers regardless of tier.

Premium is the third and highest tier of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Plus revamp and will include everything in the previous two tiers alongside a selection of retro PlayStation titles and the aforementioned timed trials. Sony recently revealed when players will be able to upgrade to the two new tiers of PlayStation Plus, including a targeted date of June 13 for those in the Americas.

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PS Stars is coming back online after mysteriously being down for a month
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PlayStation has finally publicly acknowledged that its PlayStation Stars rewards program has been down for nearly a month, although only with a short message about how it will be back online soon.

PlayStation Stars is the platform's lesser-known loyalty program, where players can earn rewards and digital collectibles by buying games and completing campaigns via the mobile PS App. They will then earn points that can be spent on those collectibles, which they can display on their profile, or just redeem them for wallet funds or games and add-ons.

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PlayStation 6 predictions: games we expect to see on PS6
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We're four years into the PlayStation 5's lifecycle, which means that we've likely hit the halfway point. Console generations tend to last around eight years these days, so it's not impossible that we'll get a PlayStation 6 by 2028. While it might seem way too early to start anticipating a far off console (and it is), the reality is that the groundwork for it is likely being laid as we speak. Large scale exclusives can take well over four years to produce, which means that some PS6 games could be in the works right this second.

Some of those games seem like foregone conclusions. We'll likely see new games in the God of War and Horizon series, as well as new IP from studios like Housemarque. As for the rest? We already have some firm ideas about what games will land on Sony's next console. That's partially thanks to studio confirmation, leaks, and some good old fashioned common sense. Here our best guesses as to what we might be playing on a shiny new PlayStation by 2030.
Marvel's Spider-Man 3

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You’ll have 2 chances to try PlayStation’s Concord this July
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Concord, PlayStation's upcoming PvP hero shooter, is one step closer to releasing, with two beta periods now set for July ahead of its August 23 launch.

This will be the first time many people will get to play the game, although those who preorder it will have a bit of an advantage. The company, along with developer Firewalk Studios, announced on Thursday that the first beta period, from July 12-14, will be for those who preorder the game and up to four of their friends. This will be followed by an open beta from July 18-21. Both betas will be for PlayStation 5 and PC, and crossplay will be enabled.

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