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Nintendo Indie stream brings Ooblets, a crab Soulslike, more

Today Nintendo hosted another Indie World Showcase featuring games and developers from around the globe. The stream included the release window of Ooblets on the Nintendo SwitchTotally Accurate Battle Simulator, a Soulslike starring a crab, and even some surprise games that launch today.

Ooblets opened the show, and it was the most significant announcement of the show. This cozy farming and creature collecting simulator went into early access on Xbox and Epic Games two years ago and now it’s finally hitting the Nintendo Switch. While it’s not clear if the game is coming out of early access at that time, the game coming to a portable platform where it’s sure to find a fitting audience is a huge deal, especially with many pining for a Switch release for so long. Thankfully, they won’t have to wait long as it’s set to launch this summer.

TABS (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator) is also coming to the Switch this Summer. In this game, players take control of wobbly battle units and go to war with enemies that are controlled by the CPU or other players online. It originally released in 2021 on Windows, MacOS, and Xbox. Switch users can expect more bang for their buck than the original releases thanks to the additional content that was added since TABS‘ first release.

Another highlight is the surprise announcement of a new title by Aggro Crab called Another Crab’s Treasure. This is a soulslike where you play as a crab on a quest to get your shell back. Throughout the game, you face different crustaceans and jump from odd shell to shell along the way.

Other notable mentions include the new action platformer Gunbrella, PAX-hit Cult of the Lamb, and SILT. Anticipated indies We Are OFK and Cursed to Golf both got summer release windows as well. A few new releases also surprise launched on Switch today including Elechead, Soundfall, Gibbon: Beyond The Trees, and Opus.

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