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Nintendo confirms it’s working on a new console

Nintendo has confirmed that it’s working on a new console. But exactly when the device will launch — and what kinds of features it will offer — remain unclear.

In a lengthy Corporate Management Policy Briefing on Wednesday, September 16, Nintendo shared a graphic saying it’s working on an “integrated hardware-software next gaming system.” The graphic, which showed the Nintendo DS, Wii, and Switch along a timeline, didn’t offer any details on the upcoming console. A question mark was placed above the caption, hiding its design, and Nintendo only offered a launch date of “20XX.”

“In the future, Nintendo still plans to expand its business around the creation of unique integrated hardware-software products,” the company said in its briefing. That integration refers to Nintendo building hardware and developing software, including its famed Super Mario and Legend of Zelda franchises, for the consoles it sells.

While details are obviously scant, this is the first confirmation from Nintendo that it’s indeed working on a new console since rumors about its plans cropped up earlier this year. Most of those reports suggest Nintendo is working on a new Switch console that could launch in early 2021 with 4K video support. Whether that’s the console Nintendo is referring to in its presentation or if it’s a stopover on its way to an entirely new console is unknown.

Still, the company did provide some hints at what it’s thinking. And it may be working on a new console concept.

“We allocate internal resources very carefully so that technologies we adopt can turn into a source of fun,” Nintendo said. “We strive to create products that consumers didn’t realize they wanted until the moment they’re announced. To do this we can’t simply follow what other companies are doing or chase the latest technology trends.”

That formula has worked well for Nintendo. The Switch, which can be played both at home and on-the-go, continues to sell exceedingly well. Its competitors, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, can’t be ported between home and mobile.

During the presentation, Nintendo also said that it’s working on a range of new services for the upcoming console. But again, it didn’t say what they may be or how they may work. Ultimately, the company said, it hopes those additional services could create “positive long-term relationships” with players.

Nintendo did not immediately respond to a Digital Trends request for comment on the briefing.

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