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Third-party Switch game boxes are a treat for physical game fans

nintendo switch digital only switchboxes
A Nintendo fan has created some fake boxes for the Nintendo Switch digital games he bought since picking up the portable home console hybrid. They have cover and spinal art with a unified color theme and some great imagery from the games themselves, laid out in the style of a classic game case design.

The move to predominantly digital game sales has been of great benefit to gamers around the world, but one sad casualty has been physical box artwork. While it still exists for those games that are big enough to get physical releases, many don’t, and that is just as true of the Nintendo Switch’s expansive digital library.

If you don’t like that situation, and would rather have a physical, boxy reminder of what games you own, Mahir Sumer has made things that much easier for you. He’s created custom cases for Metal Slug 3, Shovel Knight and Snake Pass, among others.

Better yet, if you’re in a similar boat to Sumer and wish for an expansive physical collection yourself, his designs are now available for download, so you can print them off and make your own custom cases. It might not be quite so easy to find empty Switch cases to put those sleeves in, but Kotaku recommends contacting local game retailers to see if they have any spare ones from game promo cases.

If all of this seems rather strange to you in an era where digital gaming is the most common way for people to pick up their games, know that it’s not just console gamers who are keen to hang on to a physical reminder of their collection. Box art can be a big deal for some PC gamers, too. Back in March of last year, Doom’s arguably uninspired box art prompted a rethink at Id Software, leading to it pitching a brand-new design to fans.

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