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Nintendo Switch is getting a Fortnite makeover

The Nintendo Switch is getting a new look with some help from Epic Games. Nintendo and Epic Games unveiled a new Fortnite-themed Nintendo Switch on Thursday.

The console comes with a redesigned dock that features different Fortnite elements, including outlined depictions of various characters from the game, and the Joy-Con controller sports yellow and blue finishes.

The Fortnite Switch console goes on sale on October 30 in Europe, and in early November in Australia and New Zealand. Nintendo hasn’t said whether a version will come to the U.S., however, or when a possible launch might happen. Nintendo did not immediately respond to a Digital Trends’ request for comment on U.S. availability.

Nintendo’s new Fortnite Switch joins a growing number of consoles with game themes. Most recently, Nintendo offered a console design centering on the popular Animal Crossing: New HorizonsThe company has also designed a console focused on Super Mario Odyssey. Like the others, Nintendo’s Fortnite model will be available in limited quantities.

In a statement, Nintendo said that Fortnite is the most-downloaded game to have ever launched in Europe, though it didn’t provide download figures for the U.S. and other markets. Fortnite released on the Nintendo Switch in 2018, nearly a year after the game launched on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Switch bundle will also ship with Fortnite, so players can immediately start playing out of the box. When they do, they’ll get 2,000 V-Bucks, the in-game Fortnite currency, and some extra loot courtesy of Epic, including a download code for Fortnite‘s Wildcat bundle that offers new character skins.

The launch comes as Epic continues its bitter fight with Apple over the cut the iPhone maker takes on all in-app transactions. While the companies continue to battle, Fortnite has been removed from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play marketplace.

Nintendo, meanwhile, is rumored to be working on a new, higher-end Switch console that, if real, could launch in early 2021. While the company hasn’t announced any plans, reports suggest the console could come with improved specs to boost graphics quality in games, as well as native 4K support. The console could launch in early 2021, reports say.

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