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Major video watcher? YouTube is now available on Nintendo Switch

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It took well over a year, but Nintendo Switch is finally making good on its potential to become a versatile gaming and media device for your home. YouTube has now come to the system as a free app, and with the console’s built-in kickstand, you now have another screen to watch your favorite videos.

As you might expect, YouTube on Nintendo Switch lets you sign into the same Google account you use on other platforms. The app itself is quite snappy and loads quickly, and the interface is nearly identical to those on other devices like the Roku. Oddly, you’re still able to choose 1080p as a video resolution when using the Switch in its handheld mode, despite the system’s built-in screen being limited to 720p.

Phones and other game consoles can obviously already connect to YouTube, but with its snappier interface and support for touch input, the Switch actually isn’t a bad way to watch YouTube videos. As the system gets more third-party releases and approaches “main console” status in certain households, it also stands to reason that some players might not have another way to watch YouTube so easily.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Nintendo Switch has YouTube now, but it’s still left without other major streaming services like Amazon Video or even Netflix. Given that Netflix is even available on the Wii, it seems like an unusual omission, and it’s one of the few drawbacks to the system in 2018 — its game library certainly isn’t causing any issues, with acclaimed titles like Super Mario Odyssey out in the wild and the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just a month away.

Hulu, however, is available. With Hulu’s Live TV subscription option, this means you can use your Switch as a way to watch your favorite live shows without needing a cable company. You can even use the Cloud DVR feature to record moments from live shows and then watch them later, or record your favorite sports teams’ games with the My Teams feature.

We’ll know soon to what extent consumers prefer to use YouTube on Nintendo Switch, or if they will stick with other existing options for watching videos.

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