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YouTube on Nintendo Switch may finally become reality on November 8

YouTube on the Nintendo Switch may finally be happening, with the video streaming app reportedly arriving to the hybrid console on November 8.

The pending arrival of Youtube for the Nintendo Switch was discovered through the official Nintendo website, as reported by Nintendo Life. In some sections, scrolling down to the “You might also like” section will bring up YouTube as a recommendation. Attempts to access the page bring up nothing, but the recommendation itself reveals that the app is coming on November 8.

YouTube recently shut down YouTube Gaming, folding some of the app’s features into a new gaming section on its main website. However, YouTube remains the premier video streaming service, and Nintendo Switch owners have long requested for its arrival to the hybrid console.

The first video streaming service that was launched on the Nintendo Switch was NicoNico, which is popular in Japan, quietly followed by Hulu. They are nowhere near as popular as YouTube though, and its release for the Nintendo Switch will be a welcome addition to the device’s capabilities.

Nintendo Switch owners may have bought the hybrid console for gaming purposes, but support for non-gaming apps such as YouTube will make it an even more valuable device as an all-in-one entertainment hub. It looks like YouTube will launch on the Nintendo Switch ahead of Netflix, which is also rumored to be arriving soon.

For skeptics, it should be noted that the final title for the upcoming Yoshi game for the Nintendo Switch, Yoshi’s Crafted World, was leaked in the same manner as the discovery of the release date for YouTube on the hybrid console.

Though this might lend credence to the rumors, they have not been confirmed. Fortunately, Nintendo Switch owners will not have to long to wait to find out if the leak is true, as all eyes will be on the Nintendo eShop on November 8 to await the arrival of YouTube.

The Nintendo Switch will likely remain a very popular console even without YouTube, due to its gaming options. Here are the best Nintendo Switch games currently available, including first-party Nintendo titles and third-party titles that span various genres.

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