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Monster Hunter Rise is getting a surprise Okami crossover

Monster Hunter Rise’s additional content roadmap continues with a surprising crossover: Okami. This new inclusion, called Capcom Collab 2, brings the main character of Okami, Amaterasu (nicknamed Ammy), to Rise as a Palamute layered armor set on July 30.

Monster Hunter Rise - Okami Collab

Back in May, Capcom detailed the future of support for Monster Hunter Rise by showing a roadmap of content to come. As seen in the Amaterasu trailer, this roadmap is set to bring three more of these Capcom Collabs, where other iconic characters, costumes, weapons, and cosmetics will be added to the game.

Amaterasu appears as a Palmute in Monster Hunter Rise.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The trailer almost makes Rise look like a sequel to Okami itself. Amaterasu is perfectly recreated in the Monster Hunter style, featuring an all-new model for the game and some classic visual effects to go with it. As in her original game, Amaterasu is followed by a trail of plants wherever she steps. Her classic sparkle trail shows up as she runs at max speed as well.

When she fights by the player’s side, Amaterasu uses the same attacks she has in the Okami titles. She also may be able to change her attack stances as she does in those games, as seen by the changed weapon on her back throughout the trailer.

Capcom is continuing to keep Monster Hunter on the map with these constant updates and releases from the series. It recently launched a standout sequel to the series’ RPG spinoff, Monster Hunter Stories: 2.

Amaterasu is coming to Monster Hunter Rise as an unlockable Event Quest reward on July 30.

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