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PlayStation Network hit with server issues for several days

PlayStation 4
Sony’s PlayStation Network has been experiencing some issues this past week. Gamespot reports that account management, PlayStation Now, Social, and gaming services have been unstable for the past several days.

The official AskPlayStation Twitter account has acknowledged the problem and posted a few troubleshooting tips.

The server status has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride lately. Sony has been working to fix the problem and, briefly, appeared to have done so. But earlier this morning, it was reported that the PlayStation Network was once again having issues. As of the time of this reporting, the official server status page is reporting that everything is up and running, however.

Hopefully, Sony has managed to resolve the issues, as they came at a particularly inconvenient time for the company. This week saw the release of two games which will likely get a lot of online play: Monster Hunter: World and Dragon Ball Fighterz

As previously stated, the servers are currently up and running, so it may be that Sony has resolved the issue for good. It is also worth noting that there are many people on Twitter still discussing the server issues, so it is possible that the problems have not been resolved for everyone.

Once the server issues are resolved, gamers have good reason to get excited. Monster Hunter: World and Dragon Ball Fighterz both launched to strong reviews and should provide plenty of content to keep eager gamers busy. If the server issues continue, there’s always God of War, which comes out in April. Kratos is making his return in a single-player title, so PSN won’t be a major factor in that one.

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