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How to find hidden Unown in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The Pokémon world has always been full of secrets, rumors, and myths. Many of these legends turned out to be nothing more than fake stories passed around, such as the infamous Mew under the truck in Pokémon Red and Blue, but the series has never shied away from embracing these moments of collaboration and sharing of stories by introducing plenty of hidden and secret things in their games. Sometimes they were unintentional, like MissingNo., but there are plenty of rare and secret things Game Freak has put in that only the most dedicated trainers were able to discover.




2 hours

What You Need

  • Feather Balls

  • Lots of time

With Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the potential for secrets exploded. The open areas, plus all the new ways to traverse and interact with it, open up an absurd amount of possibilities. One returning favorite secret Pokémon, though they are more similar to a collectible than actual monster, are the Unown. These strange symbol-looking Pokémon that make up their own weird alphabet are back and harder to find than ever before. If you want to know how to find all the hidden Unown in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, we've pinpointed them all for you to grab.

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pokemon legends arceus find hidden unown pok  mon

What are hidden Unown?

These mysterious symbol Pokémon are scattered through the various areas of the Hisui region. In total, there are 28 Unown, and only one of each. Again, they should be thought of less like Pokémon and more like collectibles that just happen to be Pokémon. As such, each of them will always appear in the same places, and are either stuck to walls or hanging from the environment.

Each Unown corresponds to a letter of our alphabet, plus two more that are for exclamation points and question marks. By simply swapping out the Unown for the English letter, you can read all the messages written in Unown.

Your Pokédex can give you some hints on where to find hidden Unown, but they aren't always the most helpful, especially for the ones that are in some locations that are tough to get to. Plus, they are written in the Unown alphabet, meaning you would have to decode them just to get a general clue. When you do spot one, all you need to do is hit them with any Pokéball to catch it and add it to your Pokédex. Since some can be high up or far off, having Feather Balls is useful to increase your throwing range.

Is there a reward for finding all hidden Unown?

Yes and no. On one hand, you do get a perfected Pokédex entry for the Unown by finding them all, but that's really it. There's no bonus item or anything for collecting them all; however, there are a ton of things locked behind completing your Pokédex, so it does pay off in that regard too.

pokemon legends arceus find hidden unown pok  mon

How to find every hidden Unown

These are the locations for all 28 hidden Unown in alphabetical order, with step one corresponding for Unown A, 2 for B, 3 for C, and so on, with the punctuation Unown at the end. Again, you don't need to battle any — simply spot and throw a Pokéball at them to add them to your Pokédex. It is also highly recommended that you wait to start hunting these all down until you have a mount with the ability to fly, since that will dramatically cut down on how long the process takes.

Step 1: The A Unown is in the Crimson Mirelands. Go to the Diamond Settlement and look for the big dark-gray tents. Sticking to the top section around the back side of one is this sneaky Unown.

Step 2: Unown B is in the Cobalt Coastlands on Firespit Island. Once you get near the Alpha Ninetails near the volcano, search high up along the wall of the mountain to spot this spying letter.

Step 3: You're off to the Coronet Highlands for Unown C. In the Shrouded Ruins, just east of the Sacred Plaza, climb up the crumbling pillars to come face to face with this Unown.

Step 4: In the Crimson Mirelands, go to the northwest side of the map, west of the river to the abandoned campsite. Unown D will be chilling out on a tree stump.

Step 5: On to the Obsidian Fieldlands, first make your way to the Grueling Grove on the northeast end of the map and go to the smallest island in the area. Stuck to the tree will be Unown E.

Step 6: Back in the Coronet Highlands, travel to the Ancient Quarry and look way up on the mountainside. Unown F is watching you from one of the jagged peaks near the top, so make sure you have a light ball you can toss all the way up there.

Step 7: Unown G is in the Obsidian Fieldlands right above the Obsidian Falls. Right at the top of the falls you can spot the Unown stuck on a rock.

Step 8: This sneaky Unown is in Jubilife Village. Check out the sign hanging above the southern gate that leads right into the village and you will notice Unown H blending in with the letters.

Step 9: Unown I is just next to the entrance to Lake Verity in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Simply go around to the back of the cave entrance to snag this little letter.

Step 10: Back to the Ancient Quarry in the Coronet Highlands, Unown J has stuck itself high up on a wall in the stone tunnel.

Step 11: Unown K is in the Crimson Mirelands Shrouded Ruins, but thankfully isn't all that hidden itself. Just find the giant red cairn and you'll spot the Unown on the top section.

Step 12: Bouncing back to the Coronet Highlands, Unown L is inside Wayward Cave. It is on the walls here, which are dark, but the big white eye is a dead giveaway.

Step 13: Head a bit south of the Sludge Mound in the Crimson Mirelands, not far from where you encounter Ursaluna, and check the fallen tree trunks. Stuck to the end of one is Unown M.

Step 14: A tricky one in the Cobalt Coastlands is hanging way out at the end of Sand's Reach. Head over to the giant stones jutting out of the water. Unown N is hanging on way up on the north pillar.

Step 15: Now over to the Alabaster Icelands, you need to go down into the cave next to Icebound Falls. Along one of the ice pillars, close to the roof, is Unown O.

Step 16: Unown P is relaxing in a flowerbed in the Fabled Spring in Coronet Highlands. Keep your eyes peeled for the big eye looking back at you hidden in the flowers.

Step 17: The Q Unown is also a nature fan, hidden just outside the entrance to Turnback Cave in the Cobalt Coastlands. Check out the tree just outside and notice one of the branches doesn't belong.

Step 18: In another area of the Cobalt Coastlands, this time Lunker's Lair, Unown R is laying flat on a cliff near the grass.

Step 19: Unown S has been confused for lumber and is being used in the Alpha Bibarel's dam at Tidewater Dam in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Take to the water and you will find it mixed in with the wood.

Step 20: Near the middle of the Alabaster Icelands, right beside Avalugg's Legacy, check out the ice pillars around the area. Unown T will stick out like a sore thumb.

Step 21: Unown U is also in the Alabaster Icelands, in Heart's Crag. It is perched way up at the top of the waterfall.

Step 22: Deep in the Scarlet Bog of the Crimson Mirelands, Unown V is dangling from a tree stuck in the mud on the west end.

Step 23: Unown W is also a sneaky one in Jubilife Village. Look on the roof of the Galaxy Hall building, specifically at the Magikarp statue. This Unown is blending in with the statue's eye.

Step 24: Now over to the Grandtree Arena in the Obsidian Fieldlands, the same place you fight Kleavor, Unown X is sitting on top of a tree branch.

Step 25: Unown Y is way down south at the Icebound Falls in the Alabaster Icelands. The waterfall is frozen, with this Unown stuck in the snow.

Step 26: Our last letter Unown, Z, is on the wrecked ship at Deadwood Haunt in Cobalt Coastlands. It is hanging on the highest mast near the rear of the ship.

Step 27: Unown ! is south of Snowfall Hot Spring in the Alabaster Icelands, but hanging almost at the highest branch of the bare trees.

Step 28: Finally, Unown ? is an easy one in Jubilife Village. Just go around to the back of your house and it will be drying out on your clothesline.

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