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Psychonauts 2: Scavenger hunt side-quest guide

Raz is back in action for Psychonauts 2, and this sequel is just as full of creative and intriguing characters, locations, and activities as the first game. While the main story will focus on entering different characters’ minds, there is also a brand-new overworld to explore. This hub is packed with just as much side content as it is creativity, which is to say a lot. You’re by no means required to deviate from the main path, but you’ll miss out out on some great extras and unlockables if you don’t.

The scavenger hunt is one side quest that makes a return from the original. In Psychonauts 2, this quest can be picked up by speaking to Norma as soon as you’ve been outfitted with your new clothes from Sasha. There are 16 items deemed Mission Critical Psychonauts Assets that you’re going to need to find throughout the massive hub, but not all will be accessible until you’ve unlocked specific abilities. In fact, this quest isn’t even fully completable until you’ve beaten the game. If you’re scratching your brain trying to find any of these scavenger hunt items in Psychonauts 2, our guide will clear up any mental blocks in your way.

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The Motherlobe items

Raz looking through red spiral goggles.

We’ll start off in the Motherlobe area for the first few items on our list.

Rottens sushi

First up, head to the cafeteria. On the left end of the buffet line, next to the lunch lady’s post, you will spot the rotten sushi glowing on the counter.

Psychonauts name tag

Make your way over to the Agents area of the Motherlobe, and check out the doors. The one marked “Storage” next to Milla’s is technically Coach Oleander’s office, so snag this tag for your collection.

Enemy surveillance drone

While we’re still in the Motherlobe, this collectible isn’t one you can get until you learn the Astral Projection ability, meaning this will probably be one of the last ones you end up getting. Once you can astral project, go into the Artifact Storage closet, which you will remember as being the area you were locked in by the other interns at the start of the game. This time, use your projection ability to open the locked door inside and hop up on top of the lockers to grab the drone.

Deck of cards

Our set of playing cards is waiting in the bowling alley, which will become available to explore as you progress the main story. You have to use your telekinesis to pick up a bowling ball and throw it down the lane a few times. You don’t need to do well, but just keep throwing the ball down until — instead of the ball — the deck of cards will be spat out of the ball return.

Astronaut ice cream

This item is perhaps the hardest to find on the entire scavenger hunt list. Start out by heading into the Nerve Center in the Motherlobe, and find a computer terminal on the central platform with a green screen. It will be the only one that looks like this, so it isn’t too hard to spot. Interact with it, and a different terminal will switch to green. Interact with that one, repeating the process until the final computer along the wall, beside the entrance to Truman’s Grotto, powers up. Use this final computer to receive your astronaut ice cream.

The Quarry items

The next two scavenger hunt items are in the Quarry area.

Unexploded bomb

In the Quarry, go through to where you can transition into the Questionable Area and look for an unlit campfire just outside the entrance to the mine. Use your pyrokinesis to light it up, causing a stream of hot air to form. Use your levitation ability to use this updraft to reach a plank of wood hanging from a crane overhead. The unexploded bomb is resting precariously on the edge.

Psitanium knife

Our other item in the Quarry is found near Lilli’s garden. Her garden is located on the right side of the area, with a cave entrance just beside it on the left. Go inside, platform up some rock formations, and jump onto a stone pillar where the knife is waiting.

Otto’s Lab items

Raz standing over a brain in a jar.

There’s just one item we need to snag from Otto’s Lab, so let’s get in and out quick.

Agent orientation laserdisc

Enter the lab, which is straight across the Quarry when coming from the Motherlobe, and go behind Otto to an area with some electrified floor between you and the laserdisc. Hop on your levitation ball to cross safely and pick up this media relic.

The Questionable Area items

Four interesting items on our list are in the aptly named Questionable Area.

Can of corn

The can of corn, for whatever reason, is going to be in the Sassyclops Cave, which you will easily identify from the massive yeti standee outside. Use your pyrokinesis to light the campfire you run into first, near the Aquato family campsite, and use the hot air once again to rise up and grab the ledge. Pick up your canned corn and be on your way.

Switchblade hatchet

Whatever a switchblade hatchet is, you’ll have to unlock the Time Bubble ability to reach it first. Without spoiling much, you get this ability in the Brain in a Jar level. Once you have it, head right back to where you lit the campfire for the can of corn and look for the waterwheel nearby. It’s spinning absurdly fast, but with the help of your Time Bubble, you can slow it down, climb up it onto the roof of the cabin, and add the switchblade hatchet to your collection.

Human skull

To reach the skull, you first have to get the funicular operational. This just means using your telekinesis to grab and insert the gears around the area and inserting them on the machine. Once they’re up and running again, the funicular that comes down the hill will be carrying the human skull. Don’t think about it too much and just grab it.

Novelty mug

Before we leave the Questionable Area, we need to snag our novelty mug. Again, this one will require the late-game ability of Astral Projection, so you’ll probably be backtracking for this one. With that ability learned, take a trip over to the Lumberstack Diner. Inside, use your projection ability to unlock the door beside Sam and head inside. Even if it wasn’t glowing, you’d be hard-pressed to miss this giant mug on the shelf.

Green Needle Gulch items

Raz runs through a colorful mental palace in Psychonauts 2.

Our last batch of scavenger hunt items is in the Green Needle Gulch. Let’s round them up so we can collect our reward.

Mini murder bug bot

In the dome-shaped building where Ford and the Psychonauts used to be posted, go inside, then around and up a ladder along the side. You will need to burn a bunch of spikey brambles with your pyrokinesis to clear the way to the balcony running along the outside, where the little murder bug bot is left.

Viking helmet

Go way up north in the Green Needle Gulch, beyond the Heptadome, and look for the broken-down van near the stage along the path that leads to Cassie Opia’s house. This is Helmut’s real feelmobile, as it turns out, and the helmet is right behind the old rusted vehicle.

Beehive-shaped phone

This oddly specific item is near the previous one. Go behind Cassie Opia’s house, and use your levitation ball to platform your way up and around to reach this unique phone.

Signed copy of Mindswarm

This last item on our list can’t be collected until after you’ve beaten the main game, despite being close to the last two. Once you’ve beaten the story, head back into Cassie’s Hive and talk to Cassie. Raz will ask her to sign his copy of Mindswarm, which will get you the book.

Scavenger hunt quest reward

So, what do you get for collecting all these items for Norma’s scavenger hunt? Well, you earn not only the ability to change Raz’s outfit, but also a few new sets of clothes to try out. These include a suit, circus outfit, and Raz’s clothes from the original Psychonauts. Just find any toilet stall in the Motherlobe, and you can swap out your duds for a fresh new look!

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