The Raid 2 arcade game is bloody, brutal, and you can win an Xbox One by playing it

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The Raid 2: Berandal is a bloody and vicious film with flashes of brilliance. Critics love it (check out our review), but  sadly, the movie is still unknown to most American filmgoers. That may not change overnight, but the marketing for the film isn’t about to say die, as evidenced by the existence of a browser-based arcade game inspired by the movie (spotted by Ain’t It Cool News).

It’s free to play, so there’s no risk in checking it out if you’re interested. The game doesn’t come close to recapturing the frenetic, yet almost balletic fight choreography of the film, but it tries, bless its little heart.

The Raid 2: Arcade Edition is an old school beat ‘em up with a ridiculous amount of 8-bit blood. You can find it at The game isn’t exactly deep in terms of gameplay, but it pays homage to the film with plenty of Easter Eggs that fans should appreciate. There’s also another good reason to try it out – developer eOne is promising a free Xbox One console to the person that records the highest score by April 30, 2014.