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Razer Turret Keyboard for Xbox One gets surprise CES 2019 launch

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The Razer Turret, the first official wireless keyboard and mouse designed specifically for Xbox One, is available now through Razer’s website and the Microsoft Store for $250. Originally announced in December, the Razer Turret’s release during CES 2019 should come as a welcome surprise for those who have been awaiting its arrival. The Razer Turret was initially expected to ship before the end of March, according to its Microsoft Store listing.

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The compact tenkeyless keyboard and mouse set runs from a single USB dongle and can last for 40-plus hours on a full charge. It has a 2.4GHz wireless connection to mitigate input lag. Designed for gaming on the couch, the right side of the keyboard has a slide-out surface for the mouse, so there’s no need to be sitting at a desk (apologies to those who use left-handed mice).

For added comfort, the base is extended to create an ergonomic resting spot for your wrist. The mouse has a 5G advanced optical sensor and has a similar look to the Razer Mamba.

The keyboard uses Razer’s mechanical switches. If you’ve used a Razer keyboard before, you’ll know that the switches are made for long-lasting and frequent use. According to Razer, the keyboard has a lifespan of “up to 80 million keystrokes.” The Turret uses Razer’s Chroma technology, which allows for 16.8 million backlit color options and lighting effects. The Chroma effects, however, will significantly reduce the Turret’s battery life, lowering it to around 11 hours.


While designed for the Xbox One, the Razer Turret can also work with a PC, where you can take advantage of programmable keys.

Microsoft added mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One in November for compatible games. So far only a small list of games have keyboard support, most notably Fortnite, Minecraft, and Warframe. More games will receive mouse and keyboard support in the future, but Microsoft has left the option up to developers.

Razer is known for high-quality gaming peripherals, but a $250 keyboard for Xbox One may be a steep ask considering the limited software support at this stage. However, if you’re also in the market for a new PC gaming keyboard, the Razer Turret may be a viable option for you.

In addition to the Turret, Razer also showed off its first stand-alone gaming monitor at CES 2019. We went hands-on with the Razer Raptor 27 and came away quite impressed.

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As a result of this indefinite delay on console, we are no longer sure Warhammer 4oK: Darktide will release in 2022. If it still does, it'll just barely make it out in December 2022 to round out Xbox's 2022 exclusive lineup. If the Xbox Series X/S version of Warhammer 40K: Darktide does slip into 2023, that's even worse for Xbox. Following the delay of Redfall and Starfield, Xbox has been left with a paltry 2022 lineup.
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Warhammer 40K: Darktide will be released for PC on November 30. 

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