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Razer attacks the Xbox One Elite Controller with its vicious Wolverine Ultimate

Top view of Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller.
While using a controller to play games on Windows 10 may seem like blasphemy to many die-hard PC gamers, they’re still useful for titles that don’t need precision controls, like No Man’s Sky and Mass Effect: Andromeda. Xbox One controllers work just fine on Windows 10, but if you’re looking for a bit more oomph in your PC or console gaming, then Razer’s new Wolverine Ultimate controller might just be your ticket to gaming glory.

According to Razer, its new gamepad can adapt itself to any gameplay style due to interchangeable parts. That includes a set of two different D-Pads, and another set of swappable thumbsticks with different shapes and heights. There are also six triggers and buttons that can be mapped via Razer’s free Synapse software on PC, and the upcoming Razer Synapse app on the Xbox Marketplace.

What’s interesting with the Wolverine Ultimate is that it supports the Razer Chroma illumination platform. The device includes an RGB strip running along a small area on the face of the controller, and across the front. The strip supports 16.8 million colors along with various cool lighting effects such as Spectrum, Wave, Breathing, and several others.

“The Razer Wolverine Ultimate will be the first console product to support the Razer Chroma SDK, allowing developers to integrate advanced lighting capabilities for Xbox One games, and console controllers for next level gaming immersion,” Razer says.

Based on product images, the Wolverine Ultimate is a wired device with a removable, braided USB cable. It includes four extra buttons on the bottom (M3 to M6), and two added buttons between the trigger sets (M1, M2). The controller’s face adds four buttons for muting the sound of a connected headset (via the built-in 3.5mm audio jack), muting the microphone, synchronizing profiles, and remapping button commands.

As for other features, this premium controller includes a hair-trigger mode that reduces the response time of the left and right triggers, allowing them to activate faster. There are trigger stop switches as well that shorten their overall travel distance. The action buttons are based on tactile switches that provide a slight “clicky” feel so that you know your action is recognized.

Finally, the controller ships with non-slip rubber grips, a carrying case, and a 10-foot braided fiber connector with a MicroUSB connector. It’s very similar in nature to the Razer Wildcat controller for Xbox One, but ditches the Wildcat’s Razer Green/Black theme for a completely black design. The Wolverine Ultimate also packs a few additional buttons, and appears to be more ergonomic in shape so it feels comfortable in your hands during long gaming sessions.

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate will arrive in North America sometime during September for a hefty price of $160. It’s slightly more expensive than the $150 wireless Elite Controller for the Xbox One, which has a few less buttons, no integrated media buttons, and no cool RGB illumination.

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